Mexico Mad About Hospital Bills

Parkland Memorial Hospital plans to bill Mexico and other countries, as well as surrounding counties, for health care it provides to indigents. There is no doubt in most people’s minds that people who do not pay their medical bills drive up the cost of health care for everyone. There is also no doubt that ILLEGALS who use our system constitute a very large part of that burden. Parkland Hospital has decided that it will begin recouping the costs by charging the places from where the indigents come. Mexico is not happy about this.

Hugo Juarez, a consul official at the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, was visibly perturbed.
He called the statements made by the judge “a strange posture, a strange reasoning.” He said there had been no agreement or contract between his nation and Dallas County that would make such action legal.

Hey Hugo, there is no agreement between your nation and ours to allow millions of ILLEGALS to come across the border and steal health care. They are citizens from your country and you are responsible for their acts. Perhaps if you could stop teaching people how to break our laws and steal from us you would not be getting the bills.

It is doubtful that Mexico or any of the counties will pay the bills. Since emergency rooms are not allowed to turn away emergencies they will likely never receive reimbursement. However, the COBRA act allows hospitals to screen people to determine if they have an emergency. If it is determined they do not they can be sent away without care. Most hospitals just treat them because they have already spent time evaluating them. However, if they were to start sending non-emergent cases away their costs would go down and people would be less likely to show up with non-emergent complaints. It is time to use our laws to curb the drain of ILLEGALS on our economy.

Source: The Washington Times

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