Message In The Final Step

Stanley Tookie Williams was put to death in California early this morning for the murders he committed. This should bring closure to the families of the four people he was convicted of murdering, the murders he probably committed and was not tried for, and the countless people murdered by the gang he created.

There has been a huge outcry from the anti-death penalty liberals in California about putting this man to death. Mike Farrell, Joan Baez, and Jesse Jackson, to name a few, have been out protesting and begging the governor to grant Williams clemency. I imagine if they were with the victims when Tookie pulled the trigger they would have begged for their lives to be spared, and would have ended up dead.

We have heard how Williams was reformed and he wrote children’s books describing the evil of gangs and membership in them. His books warned children that gang life would lead to no good. In the final analysis, his death drove that point home better than any book could have. The children who are reading those books can now be told that the man who wrote them murdered at least four people and he paid society’s price for those crimes. There are those who say the death penalty is not a deterrent yet will tell us that books about gang life deterred kids from joining. In the long run, the execution of Tookie Williams accomplished a great deal toward deterring children from becoming murderers.

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