Memorial Day 2015

Today is the day our nation has set aside to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor the men and women who died to keep this nation safe and free.

As you go about your day remember what it is really all about and say a prayer for the families of those who left us way too soon so that we might be free to enjoy not just this day but every day.

Our Flag does not move in the breeze. It moves with the last breath of every man and woman who died defending it. Keep that in mind as you see morons walking on and burning our Flag. They disrespect themselves, their country and the men and women who died to keep them safe and free.


Keep those who still serve in your prayers until they are all safely home. Pray we do not have to honor them on a future Memorial Day.

Thanks to Mr. Heller who gave me permission to use his cartoon back in 2009.

Keep in mind the Flag will be at Half Staff until noon and then raised to the top. If your Flag can be displayed at half staff you should follow this protocol.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Memorial Day 2015”

  1. Barbara says:

    God Bless them all. I come from a strong military family, I consider all are my family,blood kin are not.

  2. Blake says:

    I find myself weeping at the bravery of the ones we have lost and the ones who have come back damaged, all for us- and then to see The flag displayed upside down on a t-shirt with an anarchist symbol makes me ill.
    Do they really not know, or do they not care?
    One makes them stupid, and the other makes them unworthy of this country that gave them the right to do that.
    Just because you might have the right does not make it the right thing to do.
    It is disrespectful to not only those who are serving, but the ones who served in EVERY war we have taken part in.