Media Matters At Holder’s Department Of Sharia

The Department of Justice, led by racist Eric Holder, has had a remake of its website and gone are the Red, White, and Blue. Yes, the waving American flag has been replaced with the Black and Gold similar to that seen in the Muslim flag. It is interesting that as Muslims attack American Embassies and burn our flag while raising the al-Qaeda flag, Holder has abandoned the American flag for what looks like association with the Muslim flag.

Was this a not so subtle change to appease the Muslims or was it a more concentrated effort to remove America from AMERICAN Justice?

I don’t know and we may never either because no matter what the reason for the change, the Department of Sharia run by Holder will use Media Matters to put out the appropriate narrative.

Internal DOJ emails indicate that the communications staff there collaborated with Media Matters for America (a left wing propaganda firm) to stop or spin stories about various scandals in the Holder Department.

The scandals there are many. Fast and Furious and the cover-up. The death of Brian Terry and the cover-up. The New Black Panther voter intimidation case and dismissal by Holder. All these things are criminal and involve Holder but he has been happy to use Media Matters as a research arm and propaganda distributor.

So we might never know if the Sharia Department under Holder changed the website to be Muslim compliant or if this was something that was planned for some other reason because no matter what, Media Matters will ensue the proper propaganda is distributed.

We need criminals in jail and adults running the country and we need it soon.

If these amateurs get a second term running this nation we will surely fall.

End the Obamanation in November!

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Media Matters At Holder’s Department Of Sharia”

  1. Blake says:

    I would love to piss on Eric Holder- just hose him down. God, grant me the chance.