Media In Tank For Obama On Gas Prices

Richard Thaler, who has informally advised the Obama Regime, has a piece up at The New York Times where he discusses gas prices and tells us why they are out of any president’s control. He discusses the market and the supply and demand aspects and he even throws out the inaccurate claim about us having 2% of the world’s oil but using 20%.

He is doing something now that he and the rest of the Democrat controlled media refused to do under George Bush, and that is to defend the leader over higher gas prices. The major reason is that a Democrat is in the White House.

When George Bush was in the White House and gas prices went up the Democrats and their media allies blamed it all on Bush, or as the talking points from the Democrats called them, the two oil men in the White House. Here is a video of Democrats blaming George Bush. If you look closely one of them is Barack Obama (he remains pretty good at blaming Bush).

The New York Times did not write any articles claiming that no president controls gas prices. None of the Democrat media rushed in to point out the items Thaler claims in his article. No, the media were more than happy to pile on and Blame Bush. It was the two oil men in the White House and their policies that caused the high gas prices.

Now that poor little Barry Obama is in there and prices are rising they all have to come to his defense. While doing so, they also point out that higher prices will mean little in the next election (but just in case they need to point out that no president is to blame).

The same media were busy during the Bush years pointing out how higher gas prices would hurt him in the midterm election.

This is what happens when the media are part of the political party.

Let’s help Thaler out a bit. This article discusses the lies that Obama has told (one of which Thaler repeated) regarding our energy. Note the numbers reported by folks in the business.

Let us also tackle the claim that gas prices are out of president’s control. Barack Obama prefers higher gas prices. He can claim that he is working for the little guy and that he wants gas prices to drop but if he does it is only short term and that term is until Election Day. If he gets reelected then prices will go up and he will not mind a bit. He will not have to answer to voters and he can go all in on his energy desires. How did he put it? Oh yeah, he will have more flexibility.

Obama does not have a problem with higher prices. He just wishes they had risen more gradually. His policies are designed to have an increase in prices so people will want more of the failed green energies he is pushing and so that more will buy the failed Chevy Volt, the car produced by Government Motors.

Obama’s EPA is pushing policies that will cause all energy prices to skyrocket (something Obama admitted would happen under his policies) and this is one reason we have higher gas prices. Another is the moratorium on drilling. Obama and his toadies claim there is more drilling going on but any drilling is under items approved under George Bush and is being done on private land, something over which Obama has little control.

Gas is a global commodity over which presidents have little control. However, policies can affect the domestic cost of it and Obama is more than happy to see the cost of gasoline increase though he prefers it to be gradual. He might also like to see it come down before the election but once he has more flexibility he will work to force us into smaller cars or alternate energies by working to increase the price of fossil fuels.

That is what he has said, that is what he wants, and that is what he will do.

No matter how much Richard Thaler and the rest of the Obama media claim to the contrary, Obama is affecting prices and there is no doubt the media are covering for him.

Just ask George Bush, one of the oil men who lived in the White House.

More on the double standard.

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2 Responses to “Media In Tank For Obama On Gas Prices”

  1. carter says:

    By the time people get mad enough to frog march the RATS out of Washington it will be too late. Hoping they rot in hell isn’t good enough, it is becoming our existence now and many of the people who are suffering the most never voted for this jug eared Kenyan in the first place.

  2. Blake says:

    It is not entirely true that a Prez cannot influence the price of gas- just look at how the price fell from 4 a gallon to the $1.84 that Obamma had when he was inculated into the presidency. All Bush had to do was open the permitting process for the Gulf and East and West coasts, and squirt a little out of the SPR, and the prices fell like a tree freshly sawn..