Media Continues To Cover For Obama

While the media were obsessing over a $150,000 wardrobe the RNC bought for Sarah Palin to use (the clothes will go to charity when the campaign ends) and talking about how this money should not have been spent on her it ignored the lavish expense Barack Obama’s campaign spent on him. Obama used his campaign 757 airplane to fly to Hawaii to visit with his sick grandmother. No one can fault a guy for checking to see how his grandmother is doing after being under the bus for nearly a year but we can fault him for spending between $400,000 and $800,000 of his campaign money to do it.

Barack Obama should have taken a commercial flight or he should have chartered a smaller plane. In any event, the campaign should not have paid for this non campaign related trip. Did the campaign reimburse the government for the Secret Service who were obligated to go along? This was a strictly personal trip. The media ignored it while discussing clothing that was purchased for Palin to use.

But it is not unusual for the media to ignore the Savior. The leftist media have completely ignored Obama’s Socialist ideas. When Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth the media ignored it and attacked Joe. The media and some accomplices in government (using government computers) dug into Joe’s background more deeply than they have dared to venture into Obama’s. In fact, we now know more about a plumber who dared to ask a question than we do about a man who might become the next leader of this nation.

Obama’s spread the wealth comment was a public expression of what everyone with a brain already privately knew and that is, Obama likes Socialism/Marxism/Communism. He has not been extremely secretive about it. The 2001 interview that was recently discovered is very telling. Obama discusses redistributive wealth. In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama discusses how he was drawn to Marxist professors:

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully,” the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father.” “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” Fox News

Obama has had close relationships with people who follow those philosophies. William Ayers, who Obama had more than a passing relationship with, is a Marxist professor and Obama not only served with him in professional capacities but has socialized with him as well. Obama’s political career was launched from Ayers’ house and Obama and Ayers attended a function honoring Rashid Khalidi who was the “mouthpiece” of Yasser Arafat.

That celebration was video taped and in it there are antisemitic remarks made by people attending, remarks which included a poem accusing Israel of terrorism and criticizing the US and its policies toward Israel. Rashid Khalidi is an antisemitic terrorist sympathizer who Obama described as a guy with whom he had engaged in a few conversations. The account of the night in question indicates that Obama was a frequent dinner guest of Khalidi.

We will likely not know much about this unless the LA Times decides to stop running cover for Obama and lives up to its journalistic responsibility by releasing the video. The LAT has claimed to have the video and it has written a story about it in the past but it refuses to allow the public to see the video. The video could be very damaging to Barack Obama because it will contradict some of the things he has said. It might show him with Ayers and it would most definitely show him with Khalidi. It will show him having a good time at an event that is a big Jew bash party.

Another Obama Friend (new ad)

NRO has an article about this and it asks a very interesting question. If there were a video of John McCain at a controversial event (like a party honoring some skinhead) and he was shown having a grand ole time with people in a manner that was unfavorable to him, do you really think the LAT would sit on it? That video would be on the Internet faster than Bill Clinton on an intern. But there is a double standard and Obama is definitely the candidate of the “objective” media.

I’ll go one further. If Sarah Palin had made a comment about John McCain being tested in the first 6 months of his presidency or if Palin had performed like Biden did in his two of his recent interviews, do you think she would be given the pass that the media have given him? Given how she has been treated since she entered this contest there can be no doubt as to what the answer is. She would be skewered for the interviews as she was with Gibson and Couric and the remark about being tested would be reported as a remark from an inexperienced candidate.

But let Biden be the one who interviews badly or says something stupid like the tested remark and the media ignore it. They are giving Biden a pass on everything so that Obama will not be harmed. The media did not spend this much time and effort on The One to have him lose this late in the game.

The media are in the tank for this guy and they will cover for him until the bitter end. They have failed in their responsibility to fully explore this candidate and to report honestly about him. They are, by their acts and words, an extension of his campaign and they will continue to work for him until this election is over.

The unfortunate part is that they have lost credibility and they have gone all in on a guy they know little about. The media have lost what little trust they have and the public will will hold them accountable for any post election discoveries that should have made in the last two years.

Obama’s past associations call his judgment into question and cast doubt on his stated feelings about, as Reverend Wright would say, the US of KKKA.

The people have the right to know but we will not get our information from places like the LAT. Is it any wonder the media are losing customers and firing staff? When a media outlet is guilty of journalistic malfeasance it is unlikely to last forever.

I just have not decided which one I want to see fold first, the LAT or the NYT…

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Media Continues To Cover For Obama”

  1. David Kirk says:

    As usual Dog, you have said it all. Not much to add. I find it truly quite amazing that the LAT will not release the video. When it was being talked about on FOX this am I thought surely it would have been released by now. It is sad that the 4th Estate has become so unreliable and truly dangerous.

  2. Kim Spinney says:

    The DEMS are whores for any vote. They are thieves, evil and should be thrown out of this country which they don’t deserve to live in, The illegal immigrants, many of which are as criminal as the DEMS themselves, should be thrown out of this country ASAP. They are leaches on society and hard working people, which doesn’t include the baby-killing DEMS