Meanwhile, in Police State, America

I read a definition of a “police state” yesterday that really bothered me. Someone said that a police state is a place where the police have the power to arrest anyone for anything at any time. My very first thought was, “Welcome to America.” In case you didn’t know, you can be arrested by any policeman at any time, and the policemen will not ever be held accountable. The charge? Resisting arrest/disorderly conduct. This is also known as “contempt of cop.”

71-year old Ray McGovern found out about this when he committed a serious crime and was wrestled, manhandled, bruised, and arrested. What was this serious crime, for which he was physically attacked and punished? He dared to turn his back on Her Royal Majesty, Hillary Clinton. No, seriously, that’s it. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t bother anyone, he didn’t threaten anyone, he didn’t harm anyone. But if you annoy a government official in America, you are forced to jail. And the charge? Of course — disorderly conduct.

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7 Responses to “Meanwhile, in Police State, America”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Amazingly, Clinton was praising the people of Egypt and their protests that led to the change in government there. All the while, a 71 year old Army veteran who has served more honorably than any of the thugs who arrested him, and certainly more so than Shillary, was beaten and cut by police thugs who did not like his silent protest.

    I hope this guy sues and gets these cops fired.

    Or will Obama have another beer summit?

    Nah, he will not think these cops acted stupidly.

    Welcome to the USSA

  2. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Yeah, from Mubarak to The Brotherhood of Muslims? They were the one’s Mubarak hired to kill his president in the first place. Poetic Justice? This form of poetry doesn’t sound very harmonious.
    This is a change-in-power we will probably live to regret. I don’t mean removal of Mubarak, for that murderer even death is too good, but the raising of the statues of the Brotherhood(lums)as saviors of the people?
    It will end in tears.

  3. Blake says:

    Have you heard of the “Rally for Islam” in front of the White House?
    Just another in a series of insults that this Admin slaps the American people with.
    I happen to believe that Islam is a false religion, a “Johnnie-come-lately”, having been formed 800 years AFTER Christianity, but if some “wacky religion” wants to rub blue mud in its navel, or whatever it wants to do, that’s fine with me- until they try to impose it on me- then I get cranky.

    • Ogre says:

      And, of course, if you read the details, the rally for Islam has one goal: the overthrow of the US government. But no one is going to lift a finger against them.

  4. Blake says:

    As far as mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Billary Clinton, she is nothing but a very fat white woman trying to act like a man-

  5. Cyberray says:

    Here is a better definition of a police state read my coments at the end:

  6. scott huminski says:

    U.S.A. State Sponsored Terror (rock music video) Released

    American musician that has become totally fed up with U.S. government crimes and oppression targeting him has released a 7 song rock music album and his 5th music video detailing his experiences with the corrupt U.S.A. government. Rocker Scott X has been banished with the threat of arrest from all courthouses in the U.S. for LIFE. U.S. State and Federal governments have targeted X for over a decade with wrongful criminal prosecutions, courthouse banishments, free speech violations, double jeopardy violations and other oppressive acts.

    Scott X and the Constitution Commandos

    Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music

    U.S.A. State Sponsored Terror

    Police State USA

    Liberty Wanted

    The USA Took My Freedom Away

    Bad Cop