McKinney Thinks Democrats Are Up To Same Old tricks

Cop Socker Cynthia McKinney is in a fight for her political life and she is pulling out all the stops. Several debates failed to erode a double digit lead held by her opponent, Hank Johnson, in a run-off election. Cop Socker will air more than 1500 ads before the election and she is out trying to drum up support from her base. Under some strange law Republicans who did not vote in their primary are allowed to vote in the Democratic run-off. This could go either way with some Republicans wanting her to remain as a symbol of the unhinged left and others wanting her out for her antics which include socking a police officer.

Cop Socker said that she was never indicted so their was no crime. Unfortunately, Cop Socker forgot to tell Jim McDermott of this new philosophy because he had this to say over the weekend:

After ten years of Republican rule America has empty pockets, empty gas tanks, and broken promises.

They ignore the Constitution, toss aside the Geneva Convention, out an undercover agent, look over your shoulder at the library, tap the phones in your home, pick your pocket at the pump, and keep sending special interests on tax holidays paid for by the American people.

Then, they go out for lunch to plot what they’ll do to us in the afternoon!…

They are not above our laws; they just ignore them, undermine them, have special interests re-write them, or simply attack anyone trying to defend them.

I can’t let my country down; I can’t let my constituents down; and I can’t let the Constitution down.

As far as I know, no one has been indicted for any of the above mentioned items. Libby was indicted for lying but not for so called breaking of these laws. Under Cop Socker’s definition the Democrats should stop using these items because no one has been indicted. I don’t think any laws were broken but if the left wants to investigate so be it but until charges are filed the moonbat patrol needs to follow the Cop Socker application of the law.

Anyway, to get back on track, Cop Socker is claiming that there were voter irregularities in the primary election and that is why she is forced into this run-off.

Lately, McKinney has been in contact with the Justice Department about what she feels were irregularities in the primary that may have cost her the election.

“We just received yet another complaint today, from a voter who went to the polls and my name was not on the ballot. My opponent’s name was on the ballot, but my name was not on the ballot. So she’s filling out an affidavit right now and that will become a part of our record. We’ve already had intense discussions with the United States Department of Justice,” said Congresswoman McKinney.

This is the typical moonbat tactic. If you lose claim there were irregularities. I am not saying that there were none but what are the odds that this one person was the only one who got a ballot without McKinney’s name on it? It would seem to me that if this happened it would be widespread and there would be a lot of complaints. in any event, this was the DEMOCRATIC primary so the only people involved were DEMOCRATS. Should it surprise anyone that the party that invented voter fraud is involved in it against each other? The donks are the party of dead voters and dirty tricks. Cop Socker is probably just mad she was not the one to come up with the plan in the first place.

The run-off is tomorrow and I hope that by 2000 hours we are rid of McKinney. I don’t know Hank Johnson but since that seat will be filled by a Democrat no matter what, he might as well be the one.

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