McKinney Makes It Easy

I have written two posts about Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who punched or slapped a Capitol police officer. Accounts say she punched him in the chest but another news source indicates she slapped him. In any event, it is still assault on a police officer. I knew it would not be long before the real race card was played. McKinney indicated that certain white police officers do not recognize her because she is black. Now, her lawyer is saying she is only guilty of being black in Congress.

A lawyer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, says she was “just a victim of being in Congress while black.”

Let me straighten it out for him. She is guilty of assaulting a police officer. It had nothing to do with her color, she just broke the law. I do not expect this to mean anything because when ever a prominent black person does something wrong the first thing we hear is that there was only attention because of the person’s skin color. I imagine that the lawyer is trying to tell us it is OK to assault the police if you are white.

McKinney was scheduled to have a conference earlier today but that was postponed until this evening though I have not heard if it was held. Actor Danny Glover was supposed to be by her side I guess to give her some star appeal. I believe that her expectation of star treatment landed her in trouble to begin with. McKinney expected to be noticed and allowed to pass through as other members of Congress are. The big problem is she was not wearing the lapel pin to identify her as a member. She indicates that she showed her ID but the officer stopped her because she bypassed the metal detector. He called out to her three times and she ignored him so he grabbed her by the arm and she turned around and hit him. Maybe in Danny Glover’s world of make believe it is OK to hit a cop but in the real world average people go to jail for that.

I get sick of hearing how someone got in trouble because they are black. Most often people get in trouble because they break the law. I am no big fan of the police as I have witnessed my share of fabricated probable cause and police instigated altercations but this seems to be an open and shut case, especially since it is on the video camera. I think McKinney originally stated she pushed the officer and her story was drastically different than hers. Once they made it known the incident was on video tape her tune seems to have changed.

I remarked earlier that this was going to be fun to watch and with the accusations of being black in Congress this might get down right comical. The funny thing is this could probably have been cleared up if she admitted she was wrong in being aggressive and apologized. Instead she said that the officer was the guilty party because she is a poor defenseless black woman who was harassed by the police. OK, she did not use those words but she might as well have. I don’t think she should get any special treatment but she probably would have if she played it right. My personal opinion is she should get the same due process that any other person (black or otherwise) who struck a police officer would.

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5 Responses to “McKinney Makes It Easy”

  1. Mckinney & Bonds…

    Funny how those darn Capitol Police can’t remember her face, I mean they only have to know 535 faces. It’s not like they are doing anything anyways other then dying to protect the capitol from armed intruders


  2. Drew says:

    The attitude that the police are the enemy of all non-white people is one that is continually perpetuated by many prominent black leaders. I was recently hounded out of a local forum here in Massachusetts for criticizing this woman’s plan to memorialize murdered rapper Tupac Shakur. That I didn’t think our tax dollars should be paying to memorialize a drug dealing, womanizing thug made me a racist. Now, the same logic gets applied to this woman hitting a police officer. If you were to publicly criticize her here in Massachusetts, you would be promptly labeled a racist and shouted off the stage. I know I am not the only tolerant, open-minded person– as far from racist as a white person can get, who is getting tired of the way the race card continues to be played.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the comment Drew. You are right on target with this. Whenever a white person does not agree, he is a racist.

    I believe in fair treatment and equal rights for everyone. I am tired though, that whenever a person gets in trouble the first thing out of his mouth is it is because I am black. No, it is because you broke the law.

    As for Tupac Shakur, he was shot by gangsters because he could not leave that life behind. I did not shed a tear for this POS, I figure he probably killed in the past and got away with it. To spend tax dollars for a memorial to him is a waste and inappropriate use of tax dollars and it sends the wrong message to our kids.

  4. Wild Thing says:

    Great post about this BD, I am so sick of the race card. Why can’t people just obey the laws and that’s that. What she did was wrong in all ways and there is no excuse for it. Then she made it even worse with her attitude and pulling out the race card. grrrr

    I agree with you too Drew!

  5. Rich says:

    With all due respect to her position as a member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney is a fool. And her Lawyer (Or Shyster) is an even bigger fool. McKinney was not being persecuted or discriminated against because she was black. She failed to identify herself, and was promptly ordered to halt by a Capitol Police Officer who was DOING HIS DUTY! McKinney should have know better as she was not wearing the ID pin that was issued to her and her colleagues in Congress. She assaulted a law enforcement official, and she has the unmitigated gall to cry racism and discrimination?!! And as I recall, McKinney referred to the Police Officer as a WHITE POLICE OFFICER. What has that got to do with anything? That sounds like REVERSE DISCRIMINATION OR RACISM TO ME! Would McKinney and her fool of a Lawyer be throwing down the race card if the Capitol Police Officer who stopped her had been African-American? No, in that case the Officer probably would have been called an Uncle Tom. McKinney makes alot more than most Americans (And so does her Lawyer, I imagine), and yet she considers herself a victim! Give me a break! The old double-standard is in effect. If you disagree with McKinney and others like her, and if you are white you are considered a racist! On the other hand, if you are an African-American and you disagree with McKinney and others of her ilk (Sharpton, Jackson et. al.), You’re not really considered black!