McKinney Is Another Race Baiter

Since last week things have heated up in the Cynthia McKinney assault on a police officer. McKinney, who has admitted she was not wearing her lapel pin when she walked past security, is taking a page out of Jesse Jackson 101 and prostituting herself to the racism crowd. When you do something wrong claim you are a victim of racism. Then, claim that it happens all the time and give every day examples but link them to covert racism. Claim your behavior is no different than anyone else’s (especially a white person). Then, blame the white guy involved and offer to counsel him on how to be a better whitey (or Himey, as Jackson would say). Then, to appeal to the other thugs, sprinkle in a quote from Tupac Shakur.

Here are the cold hard facts. Cynthia McKinney is one member of a 535 member organization. In addition to those 535 members, hundreds of other people enter the Capitol every day. There are just under two thousand Capitol police officers and expecting them to recognize every member of Congress is asking a bit much. Members of Congress are issued a lapel pin that allows them to go past the security screening. The fact that she did not have her pin caused a police officer to call to her to stop. Whether he recognized her or not is NOT AN ISSUE. A police officer told her to stop. You would think that a Congresswoman who is involved in writing the laws of our land would have a little more respect for our established laws, one of which is that you obey the directions of a police officer in the performance of his duties. She is fortunate he did not draw his weapon and cuff her. If ANY OTHER (unelected) AMERICAN had struck that officer he would have been immediately arrested and taken to jail. Being a Congresswoman allowed her to stay out of jail and allowed her to claim the whole thing was politically motivated. Being black allowed her to throw in the race card.

The officer called to her three times and when she did not stop he reached out and grabbed her. She punched him. I don’t care if she was recognized or not, whether she is black, white, orange, green or yellow, she should not have hit the officer. She expects everyone to believe she was using violence to defend herself. I do not believe that for one minute but she better think before she ever opens her mouth about us using violence to defend this nation. I think that McKinney, who by her own admission was running late for a meeting, became frustrated at the delay. What she basically did was to tell her constituents that it is OK to strike a police officer when he stops you. You are black and if a police officer stops you it is harassment.

It seems to me that the police are extending a courtesy to the members of Congress by allowing them to bypass the screening process. The police are well within their rights to stop and search ANYONE entering a federal facility and that includes people of all colors whether they are recognized or not. I wonder if McKinney throws a tantrum when she has to go through airport security. I am sure many of the folks at the Atlanta airport recognize her; should she punch any of them if they stop her? McKinney now has members of the black community standing by her side to fight off this racist attack on a peaceful member of Congress who is just looking out for the interests of her people. Well Madam Congresswoman, that officer was looking out for the safety of the members of Congress. He stopped you to ensure that no unauthorized person was entering the building. If some person with a gun shows up and starts blasting, that police officer, who makes considerably less money than you (and works much harder) will be in the line of fire to protect your sorry butt. He is there to protect you and just doing his job. In the long run, it would not surprise me if he ended up losing his job and you were exonerated. That is what usually happens when people (especially those in power) make unfounded charges of racism.

I do take comfort in knowing that some minister has proclaimed you are not a threat to national security. It comforts me to know that you have his blessing. There are ministers who say the same thing about countless Americans, should we allow them unfettered access to the Capitol? I also am happy to see that you have offered to counsel with the white officer who made such a mistake. So I now offer to counsel you on the stupidity of claiming racism for breaking the law. Have your people call me and I will be happy to sit down with you and explain the error of your ways, or as you say, counsel with you (the offending Congresswoman). However, you had better not hit me. I am not as tolerant as the Capitol Police. And a word of advice, don’t quote thugs like Tupac Shakur. He was a drug using gang banger who was killed in gang related violence. Quoting him will NEVER give a person credibility.

Several things I wish:
The officer she struck would have been black.
McKinney had been arrested on the spot.
People would accept responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences.
Congress had term limits.


  • “This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female black congresswoman.”
  • Speakers said the officer failed to recognize McKinney as a member of congress and grabbed her because she is black.
  • At a press conference Friday, she and her lawyers declared that she was a victim of inappropriate touching and racism and said they were considering pursuing civil action against the officer.
  • Her supporters tried to minimize the incident _ which they called political, not criminal _ but they also suggested it was an example of racial profiling. They called publicity surrounding the episode a distraction that is being used by “her enemies” to keep the congresswoman from performing her elected duties.
  • In that statement she expresses regret for slapping a police officer who stopped her at a security check point. McKinney admits she was not wearing a pin identifying her as a member of congress.
  • Throughout my tenure in Congress, I seem to evoke memory loss, especially from certain police officers who claim not to be able to recognize my face while I go to work everyday, representing the people of Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.
  • Sadly, there are only 14 black women Members of Congress. And surely our faces are distinguishable. But why my face is continually unrecognizable can only be answered by these offending police officers.
  • This morning at approximately 8:57 am, I was going to a Budget Committee meeting due to start at 9:00 am. I was rushing to my meeting when a white police officer yelled to me. He approached me, bodyblocked me, physically touching me. I used my arm to get him off of me. I told him not to touch me several times.
  • I offered also to counsel with the offending police officer.
  • “Some things never change. That’s what Tupac said.”

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