McKinney Habitual Law Breaker

We have been bombarded this past week by the stories about the slugger, Cynthia McKinney. It is bad that she struck an officer but some people could say she was having a bad day. Now we have word that she used taxpayer money illegally. McKinney used money that is specifically earmarked for office supplies to fly Isaac Hayes, the now dead chef, to Atlanta to help dedicate her new office.

McKinney spent $1000 of taxpayer money illegally. There are some reports that she knew this was specifically illegal and tried to cover it up by indicating that the money was for office supplies. I have not been able to confirm that but it really does not matter. McKinney spent taxpayer money illegally and she needs to be held accountable for this. This person was elected to be a representative of the people and to be a steward of their money. It appears that she is incapable of accomplishing that task.

I wonder if McKinney and her lawyer will be out in a press conference telling us that she was guilty of spending taxpayer money while black. I wonder if we will hear how it is unfortunate that she was targeted because she is a black woman and that the culture of racism is alive and well. I wonder just how long it will be before she plays the race card to again excuse illegal behavior.

McKinney said that the money would be paid back. This does not mean she should get off as free as a butterfly. She needs to be prosecuted for illegal use of funds, especially if she forged documents to cover it up. I also think that Russ Feingold should be drafting a letter of censure because McKinney committed a crime in office.

It just keeps getting better with this moonbat. I hope she gets a nice pair of bracelets and a new orange jumpsuit real soon.

Source: WBSTV (via Drudge)

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