McCarthy Takes Page From Clinton Playbook

Mary McCarthy, who was fired for leaking classified information, has taken a page from the Clinton play book. That page is the one that says to deny all charges, no matter what. The CIA earlier reported that McCarthy admitted to having unauthorized contact with a reporter and the early reports indicated she was the one who told about the secret prisons that are so secret no one has been able to find any evidence of their existence.

I would assume that the CIA must have pretty good information if they fired her or they would be worried about lawsuits and all that crap. The left has already labeled her a “whistle blower” and given her sainthood for breaking the law. This should come as no surprise since they want to give ILLEGAL aliens elevated stature.

McCarthy has done what Clinton made an art and that is deny, deny, deny. In the Clinton play book that is always the first option and it is to be employed even in the face of overwhelming evidence. It should come as no surprise that McCarthy used this tactic since she was a Clinton administration appointee and has ties to the Democrats (especially the ones intent on bringing down the President).

Now all we need to do is find the rest of the problem children and give them their walking papers.

Source: MSNBC

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