McCain Sings A New Song, Jackson Plays Bruce Lee

It is amazing what a failing Presidential campaign will force people to do. Not long ago John McCain, the Maverick, was looked at as a serious contender for the White House and in a short period of time he went to an also ran. This happened because McCain insisted on forcing the amnesty bill down our throats. He ignored the majority of Americans and told us it was good for us but we rejected the idea and him as well. Then he went into the dumper and has been there since. Now John is changing his tune. Someone (if he has anyone left working on the campaign) must have told him that people will not support him because of the amnesty (and really there are many reasons not to support him) so he changed his tune. He is now backing immigration lite, a bill that does not provide a path to citizenship. McCain wants us to know he is serious about securing the border, blah, blah. Too late John (Johnny come lately?) you are toast. Besides, why would we trust a person who changes his views in order to get elected. It is not like he was a fence sitter and took this position. He was a VERY STRONG SUPPORTER of this amnesty and then changed. It is because he wants to be president but he can save himself a lot of embarrassment by dropping out now.


Jesse Jackson Jr, son of the flim flam artist and race baiter was in a bit of an altercation with Lee Terry. Jackson, a man who seems to have gotten his tact from his favah, said that Republicans can not be trusted to which Terry responded by telling Jackson to shut up. The two got close to each other and Jackson asked Lee if he wanted to take it outside. Jackson is evidently a martial artist and can fight (at least he has nice pictures of his Kung Fu lifestyle) and Terry admitted Jackson could probably beat him, but Terry did not back down. Imagine that, Jackson is a Democrat and they are all peace loving hand holders who want us out of Iraq because violence never solved anything and Jackson resorts to threats of violence as a first choice in solving a conflict. If he asked me to take it outside I might just do that. I am no martial artist but I am skilled in Kablam. I shoot real good and kablam is the sound everyone but Jackson will hear…

Here is the story about Action Jackson, Race baiting pimp Jr.:

I wonder if his mouth moves at a different speed and the words don’t keep up like in the cheesy martial arts films.

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