McCain Picks Palin

Sarah Palin

John McCain energized the race for the presidency by selecting Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Palin is a conservative who will help firm up support from the base as well as Independents. Palin is the mother of 5 and her oldest is serving in the Army. He will deploy to Iraq in September.

John McCain showed many things with this pick. His campaign was much more disciplined and better able to keep the secret. While this might not be very important in a campaign (but I will say why it was later), it is important to national security. He also made a qualified pick that has Executive experience. While it might only be a year and a half, it is more than any other candidate has. She might just bring some of the Hillary supporters on board.

Already the pick has caused a gaffe by the Obama campaign. It released a statement on her selection questioning her qualifications. The release might be seen as an insult to Mayors across the country. The release, which stated that McCain has picked someone with no foreign policy experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, undercuts Obama. He selected Biden for his foreign policy credentials which is an admission that he lacks in that area. So he is saying that it is bad to have a person like her a heartbeat away but that he should be the heartbeat. As for experience, she has more Executive experience than he does so the question of experience reflects back on Obama. If she is not qualified than how can he be? The release also neglected to acknowledge that she was a Governor and instead stated that McCain selected the Mayor of a town of 9000 to be his running mate. Seems to me that is more than the number of votes Joe Biden got when he was running for president.

I am very excited that John McCain selected her. She will be good for the campaign and good for the country. I am also happy because this is who I wanted him to pick. My support depended on his selection and now he has it.

If we want to discuss change and a broken DC, who selected the person that is not a DC insider?

For those who think Biden will walk all over her in the debate, her nickname is Sarah Barracuda.

I wonder if Obama or his supporters are wishing that Hillary had been selected as the running mate? I certainly believe there are a number of people second guessing the Biden decision today. Perhaps this is why the selection was such a well kept secret.

DC Republican has a list of facts on the next Vice President of the US, Sarah Palin.

Kat from Cathouse Chat is now on board as is Gribbit from Gribbit’s Word.

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9 Responses to “McCain Picks Palin”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m kind of digging it. I want Dems to win of course but it’s getting harder and harder for me to worry about a McCain win. From a pure barrier standpoint no matter what happens in February of next year there will be a person of race or gender in office that has never been there before and that makes me happy.

    Bottom line with me, if I have to settle for McCain over Obama then there better be something ground breaking about it.

  2. ADB says:

    I for one am thrilled about his campaign choice. I think it was an intelligent decision on many levels. It will appeal to those who wanted to see a woman in office. It will appeal to those who were concerned about how conservative McCain really is, because she has a very conservative voting record. She’s much younger than he is and even younger than O-Hitler, which will appeal to those concerned about McCain’s age.

    Smart. Smart smart smart.

  3. Big Dog says:

    You are right. No matter what happens it will be historic. A Senator will have won for the first time since Kennedy and a black or woman will occupy an office never held by either.

  4. Adam says:

    From my first chance of hearing her talk she of course seems like a confident, intelligent, strong woman. I don’t know if it will lure any Clinton supporters over but maybe. A lot of conservatives I’ve seen talking about this today are excited because having a strong, fresh conservative on the ticket can help them forget McCain was considered by many an old RINO.

  5. Schatzee says:

    I am really excited about this choice. Not because she’s a woman; I really don’t see the relevance. It’s her record as a strong conservative that is important. Why is it relevant (still) to have someone “of race of gender” in office? That seems very superficial and not exactly without discrimination. Having a mulatto president or female vp does not matter to me one way or another. Having strong leadership certainly does.

  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    Yeah, Hillary voters are really gonna line up behind McBush because he picked a pro-“life”, pro-gun, pro-war woman. Are you for real, Dog? Contrary to your a+b=c analysis, most Hill supporters will have no interest in voting for these two war mongers.

    Biden will have to be very careful when debating Sarah Smiles. If he says anything even remotely condescending to her, you (r)epuke hacks will jump all over it like Mark Foley at an orphanage.

    Oh, Katastrophe is on board? Great, now I know it is a moronic choice. She should stick to quilt making. Political debate has been proven too “mean” an activity for her thin skin.


  7. Big Dog says:

    I don’t expect hard core liberal women to vote for the team because of her but you fail to see the motive. If Hillary supporters vote it will be against Obama not for McCain. They do not want Obama to win so she can run again in 2012.

    Bunny, you do not engage in political debate. You engage in ad hominem attacks not debate. You attack the arguer and not the argument. When you disagreed with Kat you said she made ugly quilts. They had nothing to do with the debate and it was juvenile.

    You do not know how to debate. You know how to call people names. You claim that you say what is on your mind but what is on your mind is not a valid political argument. Instead, it is attacks and name calling of people with whom you disagree.

    I think Sarah Palin will be able to handle Biden. But McCain had better be careful he is not to tough on Obambi or his campaign will scream racism and you will join the chorus.

    If he says anything remotely condescending we will jump all over it. Seems to me that if anyone says anything that is perceived as racist then you guys are all over it. Kettle, meet pot.

  8. Bunny Colvin says:

    I said that Kat’s quilts were hideous because she said that Obama “panders” to terr’sts. She includes her quilts on her blog so it is fair game. If I said that Bush panders to terr’sts (Saudis) and attempted to sell something that I crafted on my blog then criticism of my goods would be fair game. Toughen up, Kat and Dog. Such sissies you are lately.


  9. Duvel says:

    I just had a nice rabbit stew. Any relatives of your missing, BC? Sat right here on this very nice old hand-made quit, too. Very comfortable. Now, if you will excuse me, I am done with God-dama Osamam Obama. My vote goes Sarah and McCain, and you know why? I just don’t like you, Bunny.