McCain Is Solid In Big Moment

John McCain accepted the nomination of the Republican Party and delivered a solid speech though one not nearly as rousing as those given by Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. McCain’s task, as I saw it, was to show Americans that he was not out of touch and that he understood their challenges. Since his selection of Palin to be Vice President has energized the base, I saw McCain’s task as appealing to the Independent voters and those moderate Democrats who might not be committed or sold on Obama.

McCain’s speech was solid but the truth is he is not as eloquent a speaker as Palin or Obama. In fact, though I felt Palin’s speech last night worried some Democrats, the thought I had first was that I felt sorry for McCain because he had to follow her.

Surprisingly, though not as gifted a speaker, McCain hit home with issues that affect families. He discussed the struggles of paying for a home, buying groceries and filling the gas tank. This hit home and showed that despite what Barack Obama says, John McCain does get it. When McCain went into his life story he really gave a heartfelt account.

I did not want John McCain to discuss his experience in Vietnam. The Democrats have been beating on him for expressing that part of his life too much. John McCain has a much more honorable record in that war than John Kerry but I felt he risked being painted with the same brush that Kerry was by leaning too heavily on that experience, as honorable as it was. Besides, every speaker this week recounted the story for John. But McCain did discuss it and he was artful in how he presented it. He started by telling people that his experience as a POW was a blessing and then he told the story of how, prior to his capture, he was a self centered person who believed the world revolved around him. He explained how his capture transformed him into a person who places his country first and the needs of others above one’s own needs. That transformation came after others cared for him and kept him alive. It was presented very well.

Certainly John McCain’s speech was not of the caliber of Obama’s or Palin’s but he did what he had to do. He showed people that he gets it and I think he appealed to voters who are not part of the base. He reached out to Obama supporters and then he skillfully contrasted what he wants to do with what Obama wants to do. I think that many on the fence who are moderate will find John McCain’s positions more appealing and that Barack Obama cannot compete with his life experiences.

All in all, a solid speech. Not spectacular, but solid. It would have been a bit smoother if the people in the hall had not interrupted him at inappropriate times but he was able to get through that. He handled the moonbat who tried to disrupt the speech with a bit of humor and quickly refocused the attention of those listening, back to him. Notice that the only people causing trouble at both conventions were liberals.

The next 2 months will be very interesting. Sarah Palin has energized the party and we now have a real contest on our hands. Today’s poll has them dead even. it will be interesting to see what tomorrow’s brings.

I will be interviewed by Dennis Edwards on WSBA (910 am) out of York* PA tomorrow a little after 6 am Eastern about my thoughts on John McCain’s speech.
*Changed to reflect correct location of the station.

Big Dog

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18 Responses to “McCain Is Solid In Big Moment”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    Where was McBush’s American flag lapel pin? I was under the impression that the pins were the required accessory of all patriotic American political candidates. Dog- please explain why (r)epuke candidates aren’t required to wear them but you w(r)ong wingers all get your collective panties in a bunch when Dems do not. That would be a great topic for tomorrows radio show.


  2. Victoria says:

    You can be very eloquant and intelligent and not have a lick of common sense or integrity or love of this country. The left thinks patriotism means hating all things Bush.

    I think they should switch it around and make McCain the VP and Palin the Presidential candidate. I still have misgivings about McCain because there are just some things concerning this country’s welfare that there are no compromises on. And it is like Delay said in one of his articles–sometimes deadlock is better than moving on in the wrong direction.

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    “I think they should switch it around and make McCain the VP and Palin the Presidential candidate.

  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    “I think they should switch it around and make McCain the VP and Palin the Presidential candidate.”

    Of course you do. You’ve proven your ignorance time and time again on this blog but this claim of yours takes the cake.



  5. Victoria says:

    Of course you do. You’ve proven your ignorance time and time again on this blog but this claim of yours takes the cake.

    I didn’t say I claimed anything and I have a right to my opinion just like you do yours. You know you think I am ignorant and I think you are ignorant. So we are even aren’t we.

  6. Blanca says:

    I have voted Republican always(am 46 yrs old) and a female. However, this election I will vote for Obama. I had to think hard and long. I just think this country could do better and get out of Iraq, focus on education, healthcare(though I come from a family of physicians and they like tax cuts and that our portfolios do well and get wealthier) because this nation is in crisis, the economy, foreign relations,etc. The speeches were okay but didn’t move me. I needed to hear what they plan to do and didn’t hear that. I am a moderate. I know of many women who are questioning also and church going people who say they are disappointed with the way the republican party has gone and are also questioning. It’s great McCain is a war hero(so are so many others) and Palin at her age has accomplished being a mom, a wife and a governor but is she and McCain in touch with the citizenry?

  7. Austin says:

    Nice article about McCain’s speech. He certainly doesn’t have the “it” factor that Palin and Obama posses.

    And while Palin’s speech rallied the base, McCain’s speech was intended to reach those undecided and independent voters.

    And I agree, Big Dog, I didn’t want McCain to play the Vietnam card. I didn’t like it when Kerry did it and I didn’t like it when McCain did it.

    It will be interesing to see how the campaign trail goes now. Palin’s speaking ability has certainly skyrocketed her to center stage. But she doesn’t appeal to moderate voters like McCain does. Those moderates are now where the fight. It will be interesting to see if Palin overshadows McCain.

    Although I’ve heard that she cancelled an appearance with McCain this week to return to Alaksa before her son is deployed. Though I’ve also seen that the event (with Palin) is still on.

  8. Victoria says:

    The Iraqis and General Patreus have been setting a timetable for getting out of Iraq and if we don’t focus on security everything else will be moot. As far as healthcare is concerned giving free healthcare to millions of illegals is not helping out and if you think the Democrats are going to do anything about that you are mistaken. They are going to vote to give out more and where is the money supposed to come from? I have never seen a man so out of touch with the citizenry as Obama and so determined to do to us what he thinks is best and actually McCain isn’t far behind but I think he is closer to getting it than Obama and I think it showed in his choice for VP and some of the things he said last night. Obama chose another inside good old boy from DC to keep the status quo. And I think that it was Fred who said,”McCain and Palin are going to drain that swamp.” And I don’t think they mean going up there and subjecting us to endless and costly hearings into the Bush Administration without even so much as a blink at Democrats and their illegal activities.

  9. Bunny Colvin says:


    Please don’t listen to Victor. She has proven herself to be out of touch with the real concerns of the majority of Americans many times on this blog. You’ll notice that you brought up healthcare and Vic immediately attempted to change the subject to “healthcare FOR ILLEGALS”. She’s just another paranoid xenophobic hater. Don’t waste your time listening to her hateful rhetoric.


  10. Victoria says:

    Don’t you think that if hospitals are constantly having to give out free healthcare for the millions of illegals that are here that is going to constantly raise the prices for everyone else?

  11. Victoria says:

    Are your pockets bottomless and do you have a never ending supply of money to give away? If they are then you can be a good bleeding heart Democrat I guess.

  12. John McCain: An American hero, worthy to lead…


  13. Roy Lofquist says:

    Folks, I think it was a great speech. A powerful speech. I’ve been listening to these things since 1952. This was one of the best.

    You have all heard of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Douglas was the greatest orator of his time. He kept crowds aroused for hours. How many of you have ever read anything by Douglas? How many of you have memorized and cherished and cried over The Gettysburg Address? There was no applause for that speech.

    McCain spoke softly. He made you listen. He told a story about himself that convinced people that he is a humble, brave, honorable and dedicated man. I have never seen anything quite like it. He also convinced many that he was the guy to slay the dragons in Washington – for them.

    Then there’s the Russian Bear. There have been many arguments about whether Saddam was a danger or whether Iran will be a danger. The people KNOW that Russia is an existential danger. This election is no longer about Iraq or Iran or Vietnam or anything else. This is about a truly evil monster with enough weapons to exterminate life on earth. The people who don’t know will be told by their parents and grandparents and by generations of ancestors that contribute to the family story.

    McCain showed that he was a warrior – a giant standing against an effete metrosexual.

    How many remember a line from Obama’s speech? How many gave a cheer or applauded the next day?

    You may not remember a line from McCain either. That’s fine. But you’ll feel him in your gut the next time you hear Obama.

    Maybe one of the most effective speeches ever that “the world will little note, nor long remember”.

  14. Bunny Colvin says:

    Roy Munson- You’re not much of a judge of political speeches. In all those years, I’d have hoped to have learned a little more.

    FratHouse Bat- you can’t hang, sister. Back to quilting, PLEASE.

    Victor- You act as if the biggest challenge facing our American healthcare system is illegal aliens. This is simply not the case, sweetie.

    Oh and my pockets are not bottomless.


  15. Roy Lofquist says:

    Dear Bunny,

    May I suggest a little bunny action for you? It’s easy. You don’t even need a partner if you’re any good at it.


  16. Bunny Colvin says:


    Your comparison of McBush’s speech to the Gettysburg address is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day. Congrats.