McCain Has Military Experience to Question, Obama Does Not

Retired General Wesley Clark, a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and in particular Barack Obama, has questioned John McCain’s military credentials. Clark stated that McCain has not held a position with executive responsibility and stated that John McCain never led troops into combat. John McCain has stated that he led the largest fighter squadron in the US Navy but Clark asserts that is not enough to serve as Commander in Chief. Clark stated that McCain never ordered the bombs to drop and that flying in a fighter jet and getting shot down does not qualify him to be president.

Fair enough, but then the question would have to go to what qualifications Barack Obama has to lead the country as the President. Clark answered that Obama had been a community organizer in Chicago (and all those communities are boarded up) and that he also served eight years in the Ilinois Legislature and that Barry was running on strength and character.

Notice nowhere in there did Clark state that Obama had any military service. If Clark wants to discuss the quality of military service and whether or not it qualifies one to lead the country then certainly he needs to look at a person who has NO military experience and acknowledge that since Obama never served he is even less qualified than than McCain to serve as Commander in Chief. The quality of McCain’s service is being assailed by Clark but McCain has the military service and has forgotten more about the military than Obama will ever know. I really don’t think this is a battle that Clark and the Obama campaign wants to pick since McCain has more military knowledge in his little finger than Obama has in his entire body. If they want to contrast qualities to serve as Commander in Chief then I think Obama is going to lose. Perhaps John McCain never led troops is some fashion that satisfies Clark but Obama never led troops period.

As for the idea that serving as a community organizer somehow qualifies as executive experience, Clark needs to take a drug test because only a drug addled brain could make such a claim. It is absolutely outrageous that Wesley Clark could dismiss John McCain’s military service and all his years of public service as insufficient experience to run this country but in the same breath claim that serving as a community organizer and spending eight years in a state legislature qualifies Obama. What is even more amazing is that Clark said that Obama is running on his strength of character and his good judgment.

Well hell, I feel a lot better now. Obama is running on strength of character and good judgment. Whew, for a minute I was worried he might not have actual experience that would qualify him to lead the country.

I guess this good judgment is all relative. I mean, was it good judgment for Obama to attend a church that espoused hatred for America and blamed white people for all the ills of society and to stay there for twenty years? Was it good judgment for Obama to work a shady deal with Tony Rezko (which Obama admitted was bad judgment), and to keep company with a known domestic terrorist? Obama has said “[fill in name] is not the person I knew so many times it is a soundbite by itself. If good judgment is the standard by which we establish executive experience then it seems as if Barry Obama fails miserably.

Obama has some very shady associations and some of the tactics he has used to gain political office (at all levels) are suspect and they leave one to question this strength of character Clark claims qualifies him to be president.

Wesley Clark served honorably in Vietnam and was wounded in the line of duty. I would never disparage his service to this country because I have more tact and honor than he does (though I have questioned some of the things he has done while in the service and on the campaign trail). His service gives him great insight but he is not qualified to judge the quality and character of John McCain’s service. It is tactless and dishonorable to do so. I would venture to say that McCain’s time in a POW camp allowed him to demonstrate more character and sound judgment than Obama ever has.

General Clark, you certainly have a right to bring up McCain’s military service and to claim it does not pass your muster as qualification to serve as Commander in Chief but when you are doing that please keep in mind that Obama has NO military experience and that fact, by default, makes him less qualified than McCain to serve as Commander in Chief.

The empty suit has surrogates using an empty resume to show experience. Well, at least he still has good judgment and strength of character….Not.

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11 Responses to “McCain Has Military Experience to Question, Obama Does Not”

  1. Jack says:

    To find out the real truth about Barack Obama, visit

  2. Hal says:

    Who cares if McCain led the “largest fighter squadron” in the US Navy? The fool got shot down by a bunch of sissy communists. And was stupid enough and cowardly enough not to kill himself before he was captured. Then he gets back to the US and finds out his wife is fat and crippled so he divorces her. Then he marries a drug addict who steals drugs. Then back in 2000 he let Bush and Rove tell you–or dinks like you anyway–that his adopted indian daughter was an illegitimate black baby. And you believed it. McCain was so cowardly, he has never mentioned the episode since. You and those who support McCain support that kind of cowardly silence.

    No thanks. Obama any day of the week. He’s ten times the man McCain is.

  3. Bosun says:

    Clark is a Dip####.

    Bunch of ####### social engineers.

    Bosuns last blog post..Russian bombers step up provocative flights – 18 incursions in past year

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  5. Big Dog says:

    Hal, you are an idiot Kool Aid drinker. Obama is nowhere mear the man McCain is. And if you had ever read anything here you would know I am not enamored with McCain. He just happens to be the best of the 2 choices.

    I wonder why it is you lefties told us Kerry should lead us because of his military service (he was in Vietnam you know) but now Obama should lead us because he never served.

    Regardless, McCain’s service was honorable and no matter what, it is more than Obama will ever have. McCain served this country, Obama has not.

  6. Bosun says:

    Earth to Hal,

    Even your prince of socialism Barack Hussein Obama has rejected a retired general’s suggestion that Republican John McCain’s military experience didn’t necessarily qualify him to be president. Everyone but you seem to line up to label Wesley’s remarks indecent and disrespectful.

    I suggest that you pull your head out of the place the sun never shines. :) Have a great liberal day. And read the Obama talking points before you say anything.

    Bosuns last blog post..Russian bombers step up provocative flights – 18 incursions in past year

  7. John Paul says:

    Just like the prison system is filled with dumb criminals who got caught, POW’s are or were dumb soldiers who got caught. McCain will never be president.

  8. Bosun says:

    I am glad you did not have to pay for the price of freedom, John Paul. Go back to Air America and the Daily K.

    Bosuns last blog post..Religion of Peace targets Olympics

  9. Big Dog says:

    John Paul, did you just equate a member of the military to a common criminal? And you idiots on the left say you support the troops…

  10. Bosun says:

    BD, John Paul is your typical, “support the troops, not the war” liberal who suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome and hates the troops. Very dysfunctional if you ask me. Sounds like a Bozo who fell off the bus or just forgot to take his meds …. :)

    Bosuns last blog post..Another Tarnished Dent in the Messiah’s Armour.