McCain-Feingold Equals Bad Law

Because of the McCain-Feingold law, bloggers are in danger of violating campaign finance reform. A judge ruled that the Internet, which was previously excluded, is covered by the law. It will not be long before the jackbooted FEC is out looking for bloggers who link to a candidate’s site, or repost something that was sent in an email. Speaking of email, a person could get in trouble for forwarding an email from a candidate to the people in his address book.This is getting out of hand. The federal government has no right to decide what I can or can not write on the blog I am paying my money to run.

I have a message for the FEC-SCREW YOU. I am going to write what I want when I want and if you do not like it you can go straight to hell. This is America and we have a First Amendment right. You can bet your rear that if burning a Flag is free speech then what bloggers write on their own blogs is protected.

This is what happened when McCain, Feingold and Bush got together. The Senators came up with the crap and the President signed it into law. What will these jackasses do next, fine you for standing on a street corner promoting a candidate? It is amazing that these jackasses can try to regulate what we write. You can bet that this will not go away and it will be a big problem for politicians. I urge everyone to send an email or letter to their representatives and tell them that this needs to be changed or they will be changed.

As for McCain and Feingold, they need to go regardless.

I view this as an assault on my First Amendment Rights!!!!

The Coming Crackdown

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One Response to “McCain-Feingold Equals Bad Law”

  1. Don Surber says:

    What part of “no law” do they not understand? Sandy, Baby wrote the opinion upholding McCain-Feingold (props to Mitch McConnelll for the challenge; the dude should be prez). She’s a constitutional law expert.
    Gimme someone who is not to replace her