Maybe They Want Him Hanging Around

Barack Obama is trying to get millions of new Democrat voters into the country through his open border policy. The manufactured crisis on the southern border is of his doing and is designed for two things. It is designed to get more people (read Democrat voters) in while stoking hatred toward Republicans who oppose illegals waltzing in and it is part of the Alinsky plan to overwhelm the system to bring about socialism.

Obama is not getting anywhere with the Congress divided so he has decided to take matters into his own hands. Obama will work to grant amnesty to these illegals sometime near the end of summer.

This might sit well with the pro illegal supporters and certain members of the Hispanic community but it will not sit well with Hispanics who came here legally and it will not sit well with Democrats facing tough reelections.

Yes the end of the summer timeframe puts the Executive action right before the midterm elections so that many frustrated voters can take out their anger on Democrats.

Even if these Democrats say they are not in favor of Obama’s actions they will be tied to him because he is a Democrat. Most people will also be able to see that most of these Democrats are being less than honest when they claim not to support the actions of the guy they have sided with so many times over the past six years.

It almost seems like Obama wants Republicans to take control of the Senate. If they do and keep control of the House (a near certainty) then there will be no obstruction to impeachment.

Oh no, he said the “I” word. Yes I did. Judge Andrew Napolitano recently stated that the lawsuit filed by Republicans in the House over Obama’s abuse of power will go nowhere and is a waste of time. The only real ways to stop Obama are to impeach him or take money away from him.

Neither of those options can happen as long as Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate. If Republicans take control then both options are on the table.

The Republicans would be wise to defund as much as they can and deny Obama as much as possible to control him. That, however, does not mean he should not be impeached. They should certainly do that as well.

Obama has violated the Constitution a number of times and an Executive action on immigration would be the icing on the cake. There are plenty of reasons to impeach so the articles might be as wordy as Obamacare.

Obama seems ignorant of what is going on. He seems to think he has some mandate to do something just because he was elected. He fails to see that he is one part of a three part government where each has separate but equal powers. He is also ignorant of or ignores the fact that he is acting outside his lane.

I think most of this is purposeful because he is not stupid and his handlers have managed him well. They have him moving forward with the plan to collapse the country and his job is to soften people up (the idiots among us are already soft) and he does so by repeating things that are untrue so many times people start to believe them.

He can say that folks don’t want him just standing around as many times as he wants but that does not make it so. However, it plants the seeds for when he acts. He can then say well I told you no one wanted me standing around and Congress will not help me so I went it alone. Pat me on the back, bow down and kiss my ring and then get out of my face serf.

Did he say they don’t want him standing around or hanging around?

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