Maybe They Should Worry About Something Else

I read a comment at Adam’s site and a person recommended The Raw Story as a place that had information about some issue (DSM). I went there but should have known better. The Raw Story turns out to be a Democratic propaganda site. I could not find one item that was favorable to the current administration. The site appears to be a mix of a bunch of liberals with an agenda. I will say there was one article that laid out the democrats need to find their own George Bush. The article was well written and did not bash the president as mush as state that until the donks get someone with vision and who is bold enough to try new things then they are doomed to repeat the failures they have had in elections.

One of the pieces that I read was about the plane that wandered into the air space around the White House and was “nearly” shot down. There were evacuations and the person who wrote the story even admitted that some bad guy could have loaded the plane with explosives or, perish the thought, a dirty bomb (even though Michael Moore assures us “There is no terrorist threat.”). The whole story is an emotional escalation of the events climaxing with the fact that the President was exercising in Maryland and was not told until 47 minutes after it occurred. This writer compared this incident to the 9/11 crisis in which the President read to school children for 7 minutes after being informed of the events in New York. The writer even points to the play Michael Moore got out of it and suggests that not enough media attention has been given to the President not being made aware and contends that the reason is to keep from having a repeat of the 9/11 events used in any future Moore films.

This of course, is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, on 9/11 the President was in Florida. What did they want him to do, change clothes in a phone booth and fly up to save the day? A big deal has been made that the President appeared to be stunned after being notified. I have a news flash for any idiot who can comprehend. Everyone was stunned. John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), the left’s presumptive savior in the last election sat motionless for more than 20 minutes as did the other politicians with him. Many Americans who were not in New York running for their lives were watching motionless on their TVs as the US was attacked. To suggest that the President acted inappropriately is a stretch for anyone. There were people throughout the country making decisions and handling the events. That is what happens when you have competent people working for you.

What would anyone want the president to do about a plane that strayed into restricted air space. The writer makes a big deal about Ms. Bush being evacuated and states that the plane was about to be shot down. There is no evidence to support that though shooting it down was an option. Once again we need to ask what it was we expected the President to do. Did he need to put that red cape back on and fly up to divert the plane? What orders do you think he would give that were not already given? What actions would he want taken that were not already being taken? Unlike the Clinton era, this President’s people can act independently to protect our country.

This is part of the article:

So that seems to be the official position of Bush and the administration: as McClellan later said, “The protocols that were put in place were followed, and I think they were followed well.” That is in contrast to Leon Panetta, President Clinton’s chief of staff, who was quoted in the Washington Post saying, “I don’t think there is a legitimate excuse for not telling the president of the United States about that kind of potential emergency. It was serious that it happened and it could have been even more serious…. That is something that just simply cannot happen again.”

Panetta was Clinton’s Chief of Staff. So why do we need his opinion? Hey Leon, the President was appropriately made aware and his people were already on the job. Not like your guy who was informed about the presence of bin Laden but did not want to act. Perhaps if you folks had reliable staff they could have made independent decisions and not relied on a President whose mind was focused on a number of things that had nothing to do with our best interests (Lewinsky, golf, money). Perhaps if you had some autonomy OBL would have been killed then, but that is in the past.

Mr. Panetta, I would be interested if you would tell the world what Clinton was doing when the WTC was bombed the first time. What was he doing when the USS Cole was bombed? What was he doing when the countless attacks upon our country were taking place? If you told him as quickly as you suggest why did he not take action and what were his reactions? Did he spring in to immediate action as you expected from Bush in Florida? Why did he allow this to continue? Perhaps it is because he was ineffectual when it came to our security and he had a poor staff that could not handle it on their own. As chief of that staff, the ineffectiveness is a result of your poor leadership. Perhaps, Mr. Panetta, Bush knows that the right people can handle a crisis. I would rather have a President who is told later but has people taking action than one who is told but sits on his hands.

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