Maybe They Should Learn To Swim

Black males are at the highest risk for drowning, according to a new study:

Swimming-pool drowning cases involve a disproportionate number of black boys and young adults, and public pools appear to be the primary danger zone, U.S. government researchers have found.

In one of the most extensive studies to look at the issue, investigators found that nearly half of the swimming-pool drownings they tracked occurred among African Americans – with males being at particular risk

I am surprised that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not started a crusade and played the race card by blaming the bush administration for secretly building swimming pools that suck black males under water. Jackson could have Kanye West come out and say that George Bush still hates blacks and that they drown because the government does not have a FEMA lifeguard assigned to each male swimmer who happens to be black. It is the gub’ment’s job to protect people and they are ignoring this because they are causing it. Then they can sing we shall overcome and boycott swimming pools while demanding government sponsored swimming lessons. Cynthia McKinney can go around punching life guards at swimming pools and Schumer and Clinton can come out and tell us that the Bush administration has a horrible record on black male related drownings.

It use to be Mexican males who drowned the most but since the Rio Grand is shallow now they don’t drown nearly as much. Another theory is that those now crossing are able to swim. That, the theory claims, is the reason there are no swimming pools in Mexico. Because any Mexican who can swim is already in the US.

Source: Reuters

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