Maybe Obama Should Have Listened

Or perhaps he is finally getting it (I doubt it).

Barack Obama announced yesterday that he will not go ahead with his planned troop drawdown in Afghanistan. His original plan was to cut the nearly 10,000 troop strength in half.

During a meeting with new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani Obama announced the change in plans.

He has been warned for years about cutting strength in that fragile region of the world. He went ahead with his plan to remove troops from Iraq and the lack of a strong presence there helped create the monster known as ISIS. His actions have cost the US all the gains made during the hard fought wars.

One can debate whether we should have been there in the first place but the reality is we went there and since we did we had an obligation to keep the gains we made.

Obama was warned time and again that drawing down too soon would end in disaster. He did not listen and now that region is in a whole lot worse shape then when he took office.

He thinks he is the smartest man in the room so he did not listen because he was hell bent on doing everything he could to end the wars he never supported.

I want our troops to come home as much as anyone else but I know they do not want to come home if it means losing everything they gained. Their Commander in Chief betrayed them and they don’t like it.

The rules of engagement need to be eased so our fighting forces can unleash hell on the enemy. We cannot bridle our warriors and watch them die. Let them fight and eliminate the bad guys and end this once and for all. HOOAH

Perhaps he got the message and it finally dawned on him that cutting troop strength in Afghanistan when ISIS and other bad players are raising hell would not be a wise idea.

Obama is keeping our strength up in Afghanistan and now it is time for President Ashraf Ghani to step up and get his country in shape. We can help the guy but they need to work harder than they have in the past.

They cannot continue to live under the blanket we provide without taking on more responsibility.

If I recall correctly Mitt Romney was more inclined to let the Generals decide the issue though he did agree with Obama on some points. Obama was determined to take the decision himself. It seems that every time you turn around Mitt Romney was right about the things going on in the world. The MSM and liberals bashed him at every opportunity but more and more we are seeing he was right.

But how can you compete with the smartest president evah?

How’s that working out for us?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Maybe Obama Should Have Listened”

  1. Barbara says:

    This is what happens when a Terrorist runs a country. Everything he does is to aid his fellow terrorist, and supply them financially and ARMS them with equipment, at Americans expense, to be used against America and Israel. Yep, America your a fool, to keep putting up with his openly and with total disregard of America. He has committed Treason, he needs to be arrested like any other Criminal. Oh and speaking of ground troops, where is all them GAYS, that was banging down the door to be in the Military openly as gay, they need to step up to the front of the line and fight for the country, sure do not see them in any lines at the Recruiting offices. Cowards .

    • john says:

      Barbara how about YOU going over there and showing us all how to straighten out that Afghan mess?
      And if you think you are too old well i say if someone has to die to defend the USA it is better to lose an old life than someone with a full life ahead of themselves. Right Dog ?

      • Big Dog says:

        It is better to lose no life but leave it to a real man to send a woman off to fight his battle….

        I say send liberals so there will be no real loss….