Maybe Obama Caused The Middle East Riots

The Democrat controlled media have been telling us that some little known anti Islam movie that has been out for months is the reason our embassies were attacked and our Ambassador murdered. The White House has been trumpeting this line even though the facts refute the narrative. It matters not to them as they suspend the rights of an individual by taking him in for questioning in order to appease the radicals who really don’t care.

Jimmy Carter tried appeasement and it was a disaster.

No one heard of this movie until the attacks and then it became a convenient scapegoat. But I have a different theory. I believe that Barack Obama incited the violence by continually bragging that HE killed Osama bin Laden.

After OUR NAVY SEALS killed Bin Laden Barack Obama took credit for it as if he went there and pulled the trigger. He claimed that we “don’t spike the football” but as the election grew closer Obama brought the football out and he spiked it.

And he spiked it again.
And again.
And again.

Veterans are not happy with Obama because he has taken all the credit for the death of Bin Laden. The veterans don’t want recognition and would prefer that the matter remain quiet so as not to draw attention to themselves. That would put them and their families in danger. Obama though, is spiking that football for political gain so I think he is much more responsible for the acts of war we have seen than some unknown film maker.

Here is an ad that was produced by veterans:

They are obviously not happy. It is no surprise that the majority of those serving and those who have served are not thrilled with Obama. They know he hates the military and would love to scale them way down.

They hate it that he is running around acting like he actually humped a pack to the Middle East and went on the raid. They hate the fact he is taking credit for the work THEY did and that he is doing it for political gain.

And I hate that his spiking the football got an Ambassador murdered.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Maybe Obama Caused The Middle East Riots”

  1. GM says:

    good post doggie.