Maybe New Orleans Learned Something

The third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina arrives in a few days and the people in New Orleans are nervous about another hurricane that is heading in their direction. Hurricane Gustav is expected to become a category 3 hurricane and make landfall somewhere along the US Gulf Coast. The city is planning for a mandatory evacuation in case the storm tracks toward the city and Mayor Ray “Chocolate” Nagin left the Democratic National Convention to get home to manage things. One can only hope (hey an Obama reference) that he manages things better than he did last time. One thing is for sure, with a Republican Governor there won’t be any state level incompetence like was experienced under Governor Blanco.

The City has plans to order a mandatory evacuation if the storm is within 72 hours of landfall if the track shows it will come anywhere near the place. Congratulations to New Orleans! They learned a lesson. Evacuate when there is danger and make the evacuation MANDATORY. If the (lack of) leadership there had done this when Katrina was heading there we would not have had all those people suffer. The lack of local leadership caused misery (despite what the left wants you to believe about the federal government causing it). If they had gotten out back then we would not have had people die, they would not have been stranded and they would not have tied up resources (like helicopters) to effect rescues. We could have come in, assessed the damage and began rebuilding. Instead we had delays because of rescue and recovery instead of a fully effective federal response (of course there were problems at that level as well).

Here are a few things to contemplate:

  • Why is it that a memorial to Katrina and the victims has been built but they keep complaining that the city has not been rebuilt? Seems they have their priorities mixed up.
  • Maybe though, it is a good thing they have not finished rebuilding. If this storm is going to demolish stuff then it might just as well be stuff that is already destroyed.
  • Will the federal government send resources there to stage a few days in advance so that the Democrats cannot complain about response times. I might add that FEMA responded within its allotted time of 72 hours AFTER an incident.
  • Isn’t it ironic that another storm is heading there as the Republicans are preparing for their convention? As Democrats continue to erroneously pin the horror on Republicans another storm is arriving to remind us of the disaster. Maybe we should send an Army Division there now to help evacuate and make sure things run well so Democrats won’t have anything else to lie about.
  • Anyone have the feeling that things were being planned well while Nagin was away and now that he is heading home it will all be screwed up?
  • I bet there will not be any buses abandoned this time around.
  • In case people are as stupid as Jesse Jackson who kept asking “where did you want them to go (in reference to using the buses), the answer is NORTH. Get in the buses and head north. Stay at a rest stop or truck stop until it is over and then go home. Maybe the Democrats can set up a nice place for you. I understand they have a pretty concentration camp set up in Denver.
  • If NO gets hit again can we skip the taxpayer welfare to rebuild it and just use the money already allocated and not spent?

People of New Orleans, pay attention. Your leaders are contemplating a mandatory evacuation and if they issue the order GET OUT. You will get plenty of warning and your leaders are actually acting like they know how to lead so there should be no excuses. I don’t want to hear any crying about people stranded without drinking water or on roof tops.

My wife just returned from NO. She said she had a good time and enjoyed it. I have never had the desire to go there and I lived in LA for nearly five years. I would feel better if they filled NO in and rebuilt a few more miles inland.

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16 Responses to “Maybe New Orleans Learned Something”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:


    Please stop taking shots at the people of New Orleans. They have suffered enough. Trash their elected officials all you want but take it easy on them.

    Your suggestion for evacuees to shack up at truck and rest stops is ridiculous. All of the truck stops in Louisiana couldn’t accommodate one tenth of the city of New Orleans, let alone every evacuee. Get real, dude.

    I go to both New Orleans and LA quite often. I don’t understand your comparison, as both are wonderful places to visit. I can’t believe you wouldn’t want to go to nola. My (r)epuke friends love it just as much as I do.

    And your suggestion to rebuild the city in another location is silly and offensive. I doubt all of you (r)epukes would want to rebuild Galveston, Mobile, or Miami a few miles inland. You wouldn’t want to offend all of the (r)epuke voters devastated by the tragedy. But the poor blacks in New Orleans? You say pack ’em up and ship ’em out. C’mon, you’re better than that, Dog.


  2. Big Dog says:

    It has nothing to do with them being poor blacks. They are poor and HAPPEN to be black but a higher percentage of whites died in the storm.

    The number of people left behind could very well spend the nigh in a rest stop or truck stop. Hell, they could just drive and then sleep on the bus. Many people evacuated, this is about those who did not and then complained. Where people go is part of an evacuation plan. Louisiana is a big place. Jackson asked where people on 500 buses could have gone. North. They don’t need a house or place to stay right away. Just get out of danger and once they are safe and they see what damage is caused they can decide what to do with the people.

    I will not take it easy on people who did not leave, got stranded and then caused a load of problems because they needed to be rescued and then complained that the federal government did not do enough for them. Their local and state government abandoned them and yet they blamed it all on the feds and I had to hear how racist Bush and the government is because they could not swoop in and instantly fix things.

    If Mobile, Galveston and Miami were BELOW seal level I certainly would. Move the city to ABOVE the water. It is not about offending voters of any party, it is about common sense. You see, tax money to the tune of 250 billion dollars was sent there to rebuild. As a taxpayer, I have a right to ensure the money extorted from me is well spent.

    And LA is the abbreviation for the state of Louisiana. A lot of people confuse it with Los Angeles. I spent nearly 5 years living in Louisiana.

    You see, I am tired of hearing about New Orleans and Katrina. Florida has hurricanes all the time. They don’t go around looting and causing problems and their leaders know what to do. There are still people who are waiting to rebuild from years ago but we don’t hear whining there. Same with Mississippi. They had devastation that was as bad or worse but we did not hear the same stories. How many people needed to be rescued from roof tops in Iowa??

    The problem is the people there are poor and have lived off government forever. They do not know how to be self sufficient. When no one showed up to hold their hands and guide them out they were unable to fend for themselves.

    Tired of hearing about Katrina and the “failure” of the federal government while never hearing about Nagin and Blanco and their complete and total failure. I am tired of people from NO saying they are not getting treated right because they are black when we have sent more money there than they could generate in a long time.

  3. Kathy Washburn says:

    In the beginning I had sympathy for NO when Katrina hit, and sympathy for the helpless and the animals never wavered, but the able-bodied lost my sympathy when news got out about all the mismanagement by local authorities. Frankly I think Nagin and Blanco should have been ousted from office immediately, but they don’t have all the blame, and FEMA certainly does not bear most of the blame. One should look at the individuals living there who sat like rocks, waiting for the catastrophe – not too smart, to risk death rather than decide for themselves to get out of there. Then to cap it off, after the government checks began coming in to these “people”, one woman was caught spending her money on a designer handbag for crying out loud. That one thing loses LOTS of sympathy and quickly.

    I’m with Dog. The city should have moved inland and could have been so we don’t go through this every hurricane season. Frankly I’ve had enough of New Orleans to last a lifetime.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Kathy.

    Very well stated!

  5. The long history of NOLA and hurricanes, etc., includes local gov’t opting for less than max. hurricane protection from the Army Corp of Engineers, lawsuite from environmentalists delaying progress and local/state gov’t corruption, interference, indifference, poor choices and lack of action.

    Changes allowed to wetland areas that provide needed resistance to events like hurricanes have also been compromised.

    After Katrina, what’s changed? But there will be plenty of villains created by those who will complain the next time NOLA is submerged.

  6. Rock says:

    Michael Moore, champion of the “liberalcrat left” said on Obermanns show that he hoped Gustov would hit New Orleans during the RNC convention. He did however say he hopes no one is hurt (how liberal of him)

    The announcement for the city should say:

    Hurricain coming…
    Get out of town now…
    There will be no shelter available for you…
    They will not hold a telethon for you…
    They will not give you a free credit card to use…
    You will not get a free trailer…

    Get out of town now…..
    Free shelter at Kanye’s place

  7. Bunny Colvin says:

    Looks like dubya is a lot more concerned about the federal response to hurricanes than you clowns are…

    Maybe he’ll send Brownie and Chertoff down there to “supervise” again. They really did a heckuva job last time around.


  8. Big Dog says:

    Of course he has to be concerned. He was concerned last time but Governor Blanco failed to request federal assistance despite the President telling her that things were looking bad.

    The reality is, and if you have ever worked in mass casualties or disaster response then please stop me, the response is state level. All that is taking place is state level. States must request federal assistance.

    It is running well because a Republican Governor does not have his head up his rectal cavity like Blanco did.

    We are all concerned about response. Well, all except Nagin and Blanco who screwed it up. Besides, Bush has to do more because idiot liberals will blame it on him. Liberals have forgotten the difference between a state and federal government.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Actually, FEMA did a fairly good job in Katrina. They responded in the amount of time they say they will (72 hours) and got started. It was difficult to get things going because so many people had to be rescued due to the failure of local government.

    There were problems with FEMA but no where near what people who know little about it say. They just blamed it all on the federal government and ignored the state when it was the state that caused most of the problems.

    But then again, not knowing about anything has never stopped a liberal from accusing in the past.

  10. Bunny Colvin says:

    I got it now, Dog. The Katrina fiasco sits squarely on the shoulders of Blanco and Nagin. The federal gubment was in no way responsible for the botched response.

    Who’s fault was 9/11? (Besides Bill Clinton- he’s responsible for all of the worlds problems). The state of New York?


  11. Big Dog says:

    9/11 was the fault of 19 terrorists who flew planes into buildings. The atmosphere that fostered it was made possible by Clinton.

    I think I said that FEMA had problems as well but initial response is not FEMA’s job. FEMA is not a first responder. That is state and local. FEMA has the 72 hour YOYO (you are on your own). People in Florida are aware of this and make plans to have what they need for that period of time. The post stated:

    Instead we had delays because of rescue and recovery instead of a fully effective federal response (of course there were problems at that level as well).

    Nagin and Blanco were negligent in evacuation (a state responsibility), in providing public service (law enforcement and fire services who all left town), and in providing national guard troops. She waited too long to request federal assistance even though the president discussed it with her.

    YES, Nagin and Blanco are totally responsible for the problems that were faced in the beginning. FEMA had its own issues but they came after the disaster had happened.

    How often have you worked with FEMA?

  12. Bunny Colvin says:


    How often have you “worked” with the IRS, the CIA, the Army Corps of Engineers, the FBI, the League of Women Voters, the Defense Department, the Office of Management and Budget, the Energy Task Force, the DEA???


  13. Big Dog says:

    1. Quite a bit
    2. a few times
    3. Very often
    4. A few times
    5. Never (thank God)
    6. A great amount of time (more than you for sure)
    7. seldom
    8. Never
    9. A few times

  14. Bunny Colvin says:

    Wow! You must be an important man, Dog. Are the good folks at the FBI and DEA who you work with aware of your dislike of police?


  15. Big Dog says:

    Not work with, workED with.

    You might say I have some importance…

  16. Bunny Colvin says:

    I would say so. WERE the good folks at the FBI and DEA who you WORKED with aware of your dislike of police?