Maybe If They Blow Up A Golf Course

There are rumblings that one of the Al Qaeda offshoot groups is planning to attack somewhere in the US. An Al Quada magazine has posted instructions on how to make a car bomb and suggests targets of casinos (particularly in Vegas), oil tankers and military colleges. ISIS has stated several times that it is coming here and that the streets will run with our blood.

I am sure that many in the government are paying attention to these threats. I wonder though, if Obama is paying attention.

He is protected around the clock and he lives in a bubble. The rest of us are open to the world and if you live in a place like Maryland you are a target for any bad guy because the governor and his minions have infringed on our Second Amendment right.

I don’t think Obama takes this stuff seriously. If he did Benghazi might never have happened. He is wrapped up in his own little world where he thinks he is well liked and looked at with respect. Hell, he probably has some sympathies for the causes of those who are out to harm us.

I imagine the only way these terrorists will get his attention is if they start blowing up golf courses.

Once that happens Obama will lose his mind. Thousands of citizens blown up would be no big deal to him but let the bad guys start destroying golf courses and all bets are off.

I can see Obama now standing on top of Golf Cart One with a bullhorn screaming; “I hear you, the putting greens hear you and pretty soon the terrorists who blew up this golf course will hear you.”

The problem is not so much that Obama is on the golf course as much as it is he has his head buried in the sand trap.

I guess if we are attacked he has his fallback position.

Its Bush’s fault…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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