May We Question His Patriotism Now?

Ever since the day the Democrats changed their minds about the War on Terror in Iraq their motives have been questioned. They wanted us to believe that they knew what was best or that Bush lied and people died but the plain truth is they are trying to garner political favor for the upcoming elections. They believe that they can be reelected and oust some Republicans if they say they were lied to and did not want to go to war.

When ever anyone questioned them or their motives it was immediately portrayed as an attack on their patriotism. When people question a Congressman who happens to be a veteran (and liberal) then they are questioning the patriotism of a war hero. We have been told that it is OK to disagree with the war and that they can still support the troops at the same time. We are reminded of this as a moonbat kid sends a wish of death to an injured soldier and as a dipstick named Stephen Pearcy hangs soldiers in effigy. I have been trying to figure just how far the moonbats could go before I would say they are traitors and are NOT patriots. I have reached that point with Howard Jackass Dean.

Dean today stated that our troops could not win in Iraq and he said he supports the immediate withdrawal of the reserve forces and the balance out in two years. Just like a Democrat not to understand war. You can’t make your force smaller and expect to win. How is it that this jackass can say that he supports our troops when he tells them they can not win? How stupid is this man? I can’t imagine the stupidity of such a person. I support you but you can’t win so come home. Michael Reagan said that Dean should be hung for treason but I disagree. He should be stabbed, shot, slapped, kicked, beaten, dragged through the mud and then hung.

Let me make it clear. Howard Dean DOES NOT support our troops and he is a traitor to this country. He should be put to death for treason. Any one who agrees with him and expresses that support should be hung right along side of him. I want that to be clear. Any moonbat who says that Dean is right or that he is entitled to his opinion is guilty of treason and should hang.

It is wrong to undermine the efforts of men and women who have greater courage than he could ever hope to have and to aide and abet the enemy. Shame on you Howard Dean.


Howard might be partly right. He should keep repeating “we can’t win, we can’t win”, because the way the donks are going, he is right.

If they hang Dean I would pay a lot of money to pull the lever.

Read it here.

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