May Jackass of the Month, Cynthia McKinney

Here at the Dog’s house I have made a command decision and selected Cynthia McKinney as the Jackass of the Month for May 2006. I thought about putting up a poll and having a vote but she wins hands down. McKinney punched a police officer and then blamed the whole mess on racism. She has a history of being a racist as does her father who has a particular hatred for Jews. Their rhetoric is filled with hate and often members of the Jewish population are the targets of their wrath. In addition to punching a police officer, the Federalist Patriot gives us another bit of information about this “lovely” woman:

Demo Representative Cynthia McKinney continues to draw controversy for her behavior after striking a Capitol Hill police officer last month. In an interview with a local Georgia news crew last week, she was asked whether the incident had been a distraction to her. She told the reporter, “You’re a distraction because that seems to be all you want to talk about,” then left the interview. Not realizing she was still wearing a microphone, she then went into another office and called her communications director a “fool.” After realizing that her mouth got her in trouble again, McKinney told the reporter that the comment was not part of the interview and was off the record. But since the TV station does not make deals with interviewees about what can be aired, the broadcast went out unedited. McKinney could still face charges for the scuffle with the cop, but even if she gets off, she might want to consider some anger-management counseling.

Cynthia is just too much to pass up as Jackass of the month so she is at her proper place in the sidebar where the Dog can do what he does best to liberal, race baiting poverty pushers. Congrats Cindy, you go girl….

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