Maureen Dowdy; “I Renounce Gun Control”

As you might have heard by now, Senator Zell Miller laid into Maureen Dowdy of the New Your Times. He basically said what everyone else thinks and that is they don’t need her running around telling people from the red states they are idiots. He said every time she opens her mouth the states get redder. He referred to her as a “hussy.”

Her remark was to inform the senator she is a hussy from Washington, not New York and finishes with “pistols or swords.” This, of course, is her cute way of saying she has accepted his challenge to a duel. Advice to Miller, pick pistols. As many times as people at the NYT have stabbed folks in the back, they might be good with a blade. But, being from the left, one can assume she is not good with a pistol. At least she had better not be. How could this liberal face her fellow libs id she had a gun or was even capable of using one. Imagine that level of hypocrisy! She and her lib buddies running around crying for gun control all the while she is out improving her marksmanship.

I do think that Ms. Dowdy has renounced gun control. She offered Miller the option of pistols or swords. This means she approves of either method for settling the dispute. I know this is merely rhetoric but shouldn’t she be reprimanded by her party for even suggesting the use of those nasty little guns? She has just told everyone it is OK, “I Maureen Dowdy of the liberal elitist party now deem it OK to use a firearm. Of course my friends, only if you are going to shoot someone who does not agree with you.” Here this follower of the party of peace has advocated violence and the use of a firearm. They will probably take her liberal membership card away. Perhaps she can blame the whole thing on Jayson Blair.

Dowdy is a loud mouth who pretends to understand what actually goes on in the world. She has a position in which she can write everyday and tell others what they should think. I wonder how she ever got the job? Perhaps she is the “head” writer. That would explain a great deal.

Senator Miller, you can take this liberal pansy in a war of words on your worst day. I know you could take her in a real duel, but even she can not be that stupid. Keep blasting her and exposing her for the loose lipped, psychobabble, kool aid drinker that she is.

The story is located HERE.

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