Maureen Dowd’s Message, Hillary Is A Liberal And She Is Running

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, the liberal idiot who lives in the ivory tower (no I am not biased) has written a little piece about the new ABC advertisement for Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House. The piece is a veiled message to Hillary Clinton telling her to start leading so she can take over before all women’s rights are taken away by conservatives (too bad Dowd’s mother did not make a pro choice decision). In addition, she gets to tell us about Geena Davis, who plays the President in the advertisement. Davis’ character is a moderate (to show the American public what a woman moderate can do) though in real life she is a flaming liberal. I’ll bet it will be hard for her to say some of the lines. Maybe not, she will whore herself out to make a buck.

The interesting part is where Dowd talks about Hillary Clinton and her run for the White House:

He told me he modeled his female president not on Hillary Clinton but on Susan Lyne, the smart, elegant former president of ABC Entertainment who is chief executive at Martha Stewart Inc. He said he wanted someone “of rather unimpeachable integrity, very kind, very calm.”

As Geena Davis was bursting into the Oval Office, and the other TV president, Martin Sheen, was dropping in on Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Hillary was plotting for real.

Her political activism began with her 1969 Wellesley commencement speech, when she slapped back a Republican senator, Edward Brooke, for criticizing the students’ Vietnam War protests. She praised “that indispensable task of criticizing.”

But now Hillary’s voice is often pianissimo on the current hot issue: how to get out of Iraq. Once we made sure Saddam was armed against Iran. Now we may have to arm an Islamic protégé of Iran if we want to pull out.

But Hillary’s not playing the vocal peacenik this time – she’s the cagey hawk. She knows if she wants to be the first woman president, she can’t have love beads in her jewelry box.

She has defended her vote to authorize the president to wage war, even though it was apparent then that the administration was snookering the country. And she has argued for more troops in Iraq, knowing it sounds muscular but there’s no support for it from the public – or Rummy.

She figures the liberals will stay with her while she scuttles to the center, even if they get angry when she’s not out front on stopping the war or preserving abortion rights. No one knows how she’ll vote on John Roberts, so this could be her own Sister Souljah moment – will she break with the hard-line left on Judge Roberts?

First of all the producer modeled this character on what he wants everyone to believe Hillary Clinton would be like. Secondly, he gives us an indication that Clinton is of poor character when he says he wanted someone “of rather unimpeachable integrity, very kind, very calm.”

Then Dowd tells us what the right has known and the left continues to deny and that is Clinton is moving to the center. The left will tell us, and has quite often, that Clinton was always a moderate. Right, and Michael Jackson was always a white guy. But Dowd has given the secret away, pretty much echoing some of the things Dick Morris said in Rewriting History and that is Clinton will move center to try and pick up votes figuring she will not offend the left enough to discard her. I am willing to now bet she will vote for Roberts (though I thought differently in the past) just to curry favor with the moderates and swing voters. Dowd also shows us Clinton is a liar because despite her protestations to the opposite, Dowd has basically confirmed that Clinton is running in 2008.

I have no intention of watching the program. I do not want to contribute to the hour long advertisement that Clinton is getting for free. They don’t need me to watch anyway because I am pretty sure this show will not be cancelled, regardless of ratings, until after the 2008 election.

You can read it here. It is entitled A Lipstick President and it is by a Dipstick Reporter.

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4 Responses to “Maureen Dowd’s Message, Hillary Is A Liberal And She Is Running”

  1. Adam says:

    “Dowd also shows us Clinton is a liar because despite her protestations to the opposite, Dowd has basically confirmed that Clinton is running in 2008.”

    Okay, so Dowd said Clinton is running, so that makes Clinton a liar? Look, everybody has “confirmed” a Clinton run in 2008…except Clinton. Until she says she is running, if anybody here is a liar it’s people who already say she is a candidate.

    All that aside, I hope she is a candidate. I don’t even care if she wins. If she runs she’ll be the strongest woman candidate to ever run, and it will move forward women in politics greatly.

  2. Big Dog says:

    If she says she is not thinking about it and is only focusing on the Senate race, she is lying.

    I noticed you went right past the part about her scuttling toward the middle. Is that perhaps because you so vehemently claimed she has always been so moderate and now someone with a bit more credibility (not to me but to the MSM) is saying she was not moderate. Like Dick Morris has claimed a number of times, this is a makeover.

    The ABC show is a glossy ad for the whole thing.

  3. Adam says:

    Oh, don’t be so silly, Big Dog. I went right past it because it’s a lie, and we both know it. She isn’t moving center. She isn’t moving anywhere. If you knew anything about her voting record, or the things she has written throughout her life you would know that she is a moderate and always has been. You have never given a single shread of proof that she is shifting any direction, yet you keep on insisting it is true. I’m still waiting for that proof. That guy is the liar here, not Clinton. Get over it, or show me some real proof. Until then I’m not going to get into it again…

  4. Big Dog says:

    OK numb nuts stop telling me what I know. You can believe what you want because you are too blind, naive, or stupid to see it. She only has a voting record as a senator. Her votes as a senator are all moderate because that is part of the design to make her look like she is in the middle. If you are citing this as proof she has always been a moderate you are neglecting her stances as a college student and her health care fiasco, all very left positions. You are ignoring the positions that she took as the wife of the Gov of your state, all left and very despised by the southerners.

    Read the book by Disk Morris. If you are saying he is a liar then you need your head examined. He got screwed too many times by the Clintons and he was the one who made them the public figures they are and got them elected. He knows what the lies are and all the lefty establishment knows. You do not think she was elected in New York as a moderate? She was elected as a liberal and that is what she is. Her phony votes are not a lifetime record. Read the book then argue but I am done arguing with your ignorance on this subject.