Maureen Dowd Thinks Judith Miller Is The Problem!

Maureen Dowd is the redheaded liberal from the New York Times who writes really nifty pieces showing America how pathetic she and her newspaper really are. This bimbo thinks that her views are the ones America espouses and that the NYT is the guiding light in this country. What she does not realize, or perhaps can not learn from the Ivory Tower, is that America as a whole is not thrilled about the partisan reporting that takes place. This is a woman who takes every chance to criticize, the the point of fabrication, everything Republican. When her man was in office I believe she was secretly dreaming of being Ms. Lewinsky rather than reporting in a fair and unbiased fashion. Here is what Ms. Dowdy had to say about Judith Miller a reporter from the same paper:

Sorely in need of a tight editorial leash, Judy Miller was kept on no leash at all, and that has hurt this paper and its trust with readers.

Noe Dowdy, the Miller fiasco is just a link in a very long chain. Your paper has not reported facts, it reports opinion and slanted views. You are one of the biggest offenders. The paper releases old stories as if they were new and tries to disgrace the administration by fabricating terrible things. Just before the last election the NYT tried that with an 18 month old weapons story.

What the NYT needs in order to gain the trust of its readers is to report the facts. The American public is bright enough to form opinions based upon facts without being guided to a biased conclusion. You folks at the NYT like to believe you are the conscience of the country when in fact you coddle to a small minority of like minded drones who believe what you write despite contrary evidence. These are the people who live in luxurious homes and apartments, dine at the finest establishments and espouse big government and control of our lives.

Your days are numbered as more Americans shun the mass main stream media for alternative news. To gain trust one must tell the truth. You madam moonbat, lost the ability to be trusted a long, long time ago.

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