Marylanders Should Vote Against Ballot Question 4

Paul Jacob has an interesting item at Town Hall that deals with a ballot measure in Los Angeles. Basically, the ballot measure is disguised as an ethics in government bill that is actually an anti-term limit bill. The politicians are trying to get people to vote against term limits by portraying the bill as ethics legislation and by hiding the term limit information. That in and of it self is not ethical but what do you expect from politicians? The ethics items in the bill are already required by law so the exercise is a game of deception to dupe the voters.

I am never in favor of voting on these ballot measures because they never send you the entire text of the item on which they want you to vote. The part on the ballot is always a snippet and, like in LA, they can mask the bad parts of the bill and dupe people into voting for something bad. They should provide the entire item and allow people to read through it to ensure they have appropriate information. The government should be required to pay for lawyers to explain it to us before we vote on it. If it is that important then we deserve to know what it is.

One such ballot measure in Maryland is Question 4 which deals with election law revisions. This bill was originally passed by the legislature as emergency legislation. The emergency was that a Republican is in the Governor’s mansion and they want to change that. The original law allowed early voting but only in some areas of the state. Those areas were all heavily Democratic so the effort was a blatant attempt to give Democrats in certain areas a leg up on the election and to discriminate against Republicans. This item also allowed a number of ways to vote including voting out of one’s regular polling place. These items were all open to a great deal of fraud and yet, in their desire to regain power, the Democrats decided it was OK.

Governor Ehrlich vetoed this “emergency” legislation and that veto was promptly overridden by the Democrats in Annapolis. The courts here in Maryland shot down the early voting portion of the bill as being unconstitutional. However, the items not shot down went into effect and there had been enough signatures to place it on the ballot so it is there. All Marylanders should vote against Question 4 and reject all of the remaining items. If a portion of it was bad enough to be shot down in court then the whole thing can go back to the drawing board.

It is also unwise for Marylanders to ever vote on something that has a statewide impact but will only apply to a portion of the population. If Democrats think early voting is good then it should be good for everyone and not just those in heavily Democratic parts of the state. Unfortunately, Marylanders have a legislative body that does not care about fairness or the will of the people. This body only cares about power and they will do anything to achieve it and to keep it.

Marylanders can end some of that problem on Tuesday by voting Republicans in to office across the state. Even if Republicans do not have a majority they should have enough representation to keep the Legislature from being veto proof. Marylanders deserve to have people in office who will actually work for the people and not the special interests. Despite the lies you hear from them, it was those very Democrats who gave Maryland the electrical energy crisis and it was those very Democrats who have been overturned at least 7 times by the courts.

Isn’t it time to have proper representation in Maryland? Vote NO on Question 4 and vote for Republicans for state office. For those of you reading across the country. Take a look at Maryland politics and see how poorly it is run by the Democrats. This is what it will be like if you put them in office at the National level. Screwed up and screwed up a lot.

If any Maryland Democrat from the Maryland House or Senate cares to discuss this or any other issue I will be happy to discuss anything with you on my radio show at Wide Awakes Radio. You can contact me via the contact form and I will be happy to set something up. But come prepared because I will not let you blow smoke. You won’t get a pass at the on the Dog’s show.

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