Maryland wants You to Pay for its Problems

The watermen in Maryland rely heavily on the Chesapeake Bay to make a living, especially in the Summer when the blue crab is harvested. There have been good years and bad with regard to the crab harvest but no matter how well they are running the price continues to rise. A bushel of crabs can cost between $75 and $150 depending on the grade of the crab.

The crab harvest is expected to be lower this year and the states of Maryland and Virginia (which also relies on the Bay) and there is now a moratorium on harvesting female crabs. This is a problem that should remain in the two states. However, the Democrats in these states, Governor Kaine of VA, Governor O’Malley of MD and US Senator Milkulski of MD, have asked the federal government to declare a fishery resource disaster so tht they can get money from other taxpayers across the county, most of whom have probably never eaten a Chesapeake Bay blue crab.

The Democrats want $15 million spread over three years to help the watermen and to fund projects to restore the bay, which has been under restoration for decades. The article says he watermen do not want a handout and I believe that. Most are hard working people who do not want to depend on others.

If the two states want the watermen to be paid for water related work then the to states should pay them. It is not up to the taxpayers of the US to pay for the problems of individual states. I am unaware of the part of the Constitution that allows this kind of appropriation. Unfortunately, there is always a great deal of this kind of money grab going on.

Democrats are always crying about revenue and the need to raise taxes yet they continue their out of control spending. Money for the watermen, money for leased vehicles and a record pork request by Clinton show that these people have no fiscal responsibility and they do not care how they spend your money.

No wonder people in this country have trouble with money, they follow their leaders. It is also no wonder that when they get in trouble they look toward th government. Their leaders do that very thing as well.

Big Dog

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