Maryland Legislative Hit List

The Maryland legislature has voted on the largest tax increase in state history and it looks like the tax increases will become law soon barring any unusual events in conference. WBAL radio has posted a list of the vote and how each Delegate and Senator voted. No Republicans voted for tax increases and some of the Democrats joined them.

However, since the Maryland legislature is loaded with Democrats the votes easily passed. I urge every citizen of Maryland to look at the list and make a not of their elected leaders who voted to increase taxes and then vote those people out of office in the next election. I am glad that those who voted for these politicians and that idiot Martin O’Malley will get to feel the immense pain of not being able to make ends meet but I also realize that we need to make the politicians hurt as well.

Look at the list, print it out and put it on the refrigerator so you will be reminded daily of the people who caused the pain. Get your anger intense by election day and make them pay.

Maryland hit list

Big Dog

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