Maryland, Illegal Immigrant Friendly

What will happen next in the People’s Republic of Maryland? It is already a haven for the illegal alien population, two of whom are on trial for murdering three children to whom they were related. They come here illegally and somehow get driver’s licenses and then, with forged or stolen social security numbers, they get jobs. Now a Maryland Court has ruled that illegal immigrants injured on the job are entitled to worker’s compensation. Since most of them use forged documents to get jobs and many are paid under the table, it is doubtful their employers pay worker’s compensation insurance for them so where does the money come from? You guessed it, the legal taxpayers.

Illegal immigrants already cost us a fortune because they get health care and other services on the taxpayer’s dollar. Now we will add to that by allowing the very people who broke the law to collect more money from us. What will these jackass judges do next? Allow rapists to go free because even though they broke the law, they only wanted a little sex. Allow bank robbers to keep the money because even though they broke the law, they are entitled to keep the booty. Maybe they can let the Enron criminals go free because, even though they broke the law, it was their money.

I am tired of this idea that we need to cater to illegal immigrants. The left is fond of them and goes out of its way to accommodate them because they are another source of votes (talk about stealing elections). I have a few ideas that should be implemented immediately. When an illegal immigrant shows up to file a claim put his butt on a plane and send him home. Then, find the employer and fine the hell out of him for hiring the guy in the first place. You see, I do not feel sorry for them. If they were not here illegally then they would not have gotten hurt.

Hell, we give them licenses because they are just going to drive anyway. So let’s give drug addicts drugs and needles because they are just going to use the drugs anyway. Let’s give criminals guns because they are just going to get one anyway. Let’s just pay them for getting hurt because they are going to come here to work anyway.

Here is the story from WBAL.

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