Maryland Gun Control, Absolute Failure

We are well aware of the failures of places with tough gun control laws. Chicago has thousands of shootings this year and it is nearly impossible to legally own a firearm there. California’s gun control failure was on display in San Bernardino last week when Muslim terrorists murdered a bunch of defenseless people.

Maryland is not far behind the crowd of gun control hell holes where criminals get guns and murder people while the law abiding are denied their protected right and are treated like the criminal class.

Martin O’Malley, former governor and presidential candidate, is responsible for pushing through these restrictive and unconstitutional laws. He relished in the moment and thought it would increase his bona fides with the liberal base. O’Malley, like his fellow Democrats, called for more gun control exploiting the dead while they were still warm and before all the facts were known.

The Second Amendment Deals With An Individual Right

The reality is these people were defenseless because their government made them so. The reaction of those in charge is to increase security from unarmed guards to armed guards. The only folks that there was no mention of arming are those who will suffer at the hands of bad people, the citizens.

It has been nearly two years since Maryland passed all the tough gun control. Baltimore City has over 300 murders this year, most of them with firearms and there are plenty more shootings where people were only injured. Perhaps the criminals did not get the memo about gun control because they keep getting guns and they keep using them.

Case in point, the first line from a Baltimore Fox 45 (WBFF) article indicates that police have taken two more guns off the street. They arrested two men who were involved in drug distribution and each of them had a gun. The article clearly indicates that neither of them was legally allowed to possess a gun and yet, they both had one.

You see, criminals do not obey the law, period. It is against the law to murder people and yet that happens. What makes anyone think that gun control laws will keep criminals from getting guns?

In fact, the two who were arrested had 200 bags of cocaine in their possession and I know that possessing, buying, selling or using cocaine is against the law.

Anyone see a pattern here?

Gun laws only affect the law abiding and they make us sitting ducks for those who have no regard for the law or for human life.

Martin O’Malley brought this to Maryland (mostly the urban areas as most of the suburbs are full of conservative people who own guns and obey the law) and now he wants to bring it to the nation.

I have no time and no desire to be lectured about guns by people like O’Malley particularly ones who are protected by armed guards.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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