Maryland Governor O’Malley Is An Idiot

Or is he a moron? Wait, he is a moronic idiot. Yeah, that’s it.

Martin O’Malley, the Governor of the People’s Republic of Maryland, is the new attack dog for the Democrats who want to destroy Chris Christie of New Jersey before he decides to change his mind and run for president. This is the tactic the left uses when it is scared. The left did this when Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate because the left was scared of her. She drew a lot of attention and a lot of people liked listening to her. The left and its media wing set out to destroy her.

Think they were not worried? Why did the campaign go from being Obama against McCain to Obama against Palin? They were scared. They effectively created a narrative that plenty of people believe and that is, Palin is not very bright. Think what you may but she is not stupid and has more experience than the dunce in the White House.

And we know where she was born.

But let’s get back to the moron O’Malley. He chided Christie for his bombastic approach to balancing the budget in New Jersey. O’Mally, who has no business concerning himself with New Jersey, does not approve of Christie and others making public sector employees and their unions the scapegoats for the financial problems that the states are facing. O’Malley does not think that budgets should be balanced on the backs of the public sector union employees.

No, this moron would rather raise the taxes of the people who pay for the public sector employees. O’Malley chides Christie and others for pointing out that public sector unions have very, very, good deals where they pay very little toward their benefits. The people in the private sector pay for their own benefits (and at multiples of what the public sector union types pay) and they pay for those union benefits.

The union employees are up in arms all over because they feel entitled to the money that others produce. They feel entitled to have better benefits than the people who pay them (read their bosses) and they feel that anyone who gets in the way is taking something that belongs to them.

The reality is that THEY are taking things that belong to we the people. The taxpayers are footing the bill and we have some say in how OUR money is spent. If the public sector employees do not like this they can quit and get a job in the private sector. Let’s see how well they do there.

As for O’Malley, he cares not about the public sector employees and he will screw them if it will get money to his campaign war chest. He has already raised plenty of items that Maryland employees have to pay but two things factor in. First, he is a Democrat so no one will speak ill of him. Second, he extorted money from non union public sector employees to pay off the unions. That’s right, Maryland employees who are not in the union will have money TAKEN from their paychecks each pay period and it will go directly to the union. It was a payoff. As a commenter at the source site put it (and I see nothing incorrect in the comment with regard to content. Spelling is another matter):

And he is unsing [sic] the state employee to pay off the union. He pushed through a bill in our legislature last year to allow the public sector unions to take money from all state workers, whether they volunteer to join the union or not. So, starting July 1 the union will gain an addition 30,000 fee payers that would not have choosen [sic] to join the union. The union gains over 11 million dollars, the state employees loose 11 million dollars. In addition to the the unions in Maryland public sector have NO POWER. There are always “qualifiers” with and promises the union gets from the Governor. So, final decision on if state workers get the “union gains” rests totally on the Governor and legislatures. And in the past three years state employees in Maryland have had furloughs, increased health care contributions, no promised 401 matches, layoffs (seniority is never considered) and increased workloads. State workers in Maryland and currently facing increased contribution to the pension plan (they currently contribute 5% for a multiplier of 1.8, which is one of the lowest in the country), and increased healthcare costs again. Co-pays on perscriptions are about to double, and retires will not have healthcare benefits other than medicare. So, how is O’Malley NOT attacking the state workers in Maryland???? What Christy is doing in NJ is small potatoes compared to O’Malley. NJ employees have higher salaries and much lower contribution rates than those in Maryland. After Christy’s [sic] cuts the NJ state employees will STILL be better off than those State employees in Maryland working under Martin O’Malley. O’Mally is a real peice [sic] of work!

So what Moron O’Malley is actually saying in his feud with Christie is; You don’t have to be bombastic to get things under control with unions. All you have to do is make a few underhanded deals, screw over non union employees and make sure the unions get more money. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

Yeah, O’Mally is a moron. He is also delusional. He thinks that the reason he and other Democrat governors were elected or reelected last November is because they are doing what the people want. No, absolutely not. O’Malley is in an extremely blue state. Osama bin Laden could win here if he ran as a Democrat. The only people who think Democrats are doing a good job are the misguided, uneducated or welfare recipients who would vote Democrat no matter what.

In the rest of the country, Republicans won a resounding victory and if I am not mistaken, only one Democrat took a seat that belonged to a Republican but many Republicans took Democrat held seats (in elections for governor). The one that was taken was a term limited Republican in California and that Republican was in name only. California is a lot like Maryland with regard to voting Democrat.

In any event, O’Malley is in office, not because he is wonderful, but because of his proximity to DC and the huge number of Democrats dependent on government for their “check.” Maryland suburbs around DC are full of Democrats who support big government and vote Democrat. Add Baltimore and its entitlement population to the mix and Democrats win in this state. They lose almost all subdivisions in the state but they only need to win three to achieve victory.

In any event, O’Malley bribed the union in order to do what Christie is doing and he is delusional about why he is in office. He is a moronic idiot who has aspirations of a residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I would think that America is not that stupid but look at the current occupant of the White House…

Perhaps Martin O’Malley should shut his yap and worry about balancing his own budget and he should try doing so without raising taxes on the people who work and pay HIS salary as well as the salaries of all public sector employees.

We are tired of morons and we are certainly tired of O’Malley.

So there Marty, want to counter attack? Have at it but you know you can’t defend yourself without LYING.


Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Maryland Governor O’Malley Is An Idiot”

  1. Ogre says:

    I wish we had a union of states that were united for common defense. You know, a constitutional republic. That would be nice, because then each state could decide what they would like to do, and they could do it. Different states could have different ideas, plans, and laws. Then NJ could tell MD, “Hey, you do what you want. We’re going to try something else. We’ll let you know how it works for us.”