Maryland Governor Is An Out Of Touch Tyrant

The liberal governor of the people’s Republik of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, is out of touch with the people and he is out of touch with the Constitution (both the US and the State) but he is right in step with Barack Obama.

O’Malley is a tax and spend liberal. He never met a tax that he didn’t hike and he never met a social program that he did not spend (and overspend) on.

And he wants to be president.

O’Malley led the push of draconian and unconstitutional anti gun laws during the last session and those gun laws are set to take effect on 1 October. These gun laws will do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence in Maryland which already has some of the nation’s toughest laws. Criminal upon criminal with felony records routinely get guns and use them in the commission of crimes. The only people affected by O’Malley’s unconstitutional laws are those who actually obey the law.

The law sets up a requirement for a handgun license in order to purchase a handgun, mandates all kinds of training and removes a number of firearms (that the unintelligent call assault weapons) from the list of firearms that may be purchased.

This was all done after the shootings in Newtown which O’Malley used as a reason for tougher gun laws. His approach was that we need to do something because a Newtown might happen in Maryland. O’Malley thinks that the rare possibility of such an incident warrants the infringement upon the rights of the law abiding. Interestingly, the O’Malley State Police refuse concealed carry permits to people who use the reason that they might be a victim of crime as their good and substantial reason for the permit. Yes, Maryland requires people to show a reason in order to exercise a Constitutionally protected right.

In any event, the possibility of being a victim of crime is not enough to get a concealed carry permit but the possibility of a Newtown type shooting is justification enough to impose gun laws on law abiding people who would never do such a thing. In reality, a Maryland citizen is many times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than any school here is likely to experience a Newtown type event. But O’Malley danced on the graves of children to get his unconstitutional gun laws passed because he is against freedom and he is against the Constitution.

The US Constitution protects the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. The State Constitution says that the US Constitution will be the Supreme Law of the State.

O’Malley has violated both.

And the irony is that NONE of the laws being enacted will stop gun crime and none of them would have stopped Newtown.

This is just one step that O’Malley and the gun grabbers have taken. Once their law is in place and crime does not go down they will shoot for a complete ban on guns. We can see how such bans work when we look at Chicago or any Communist nation.

Since O’Malley started this anti gun process the number of applications for firearms has skyrocketed so much so that the approving authority, the Maryland State Police, cannot keep up. The police are in violation of the law that requires them to disapprove or not disapprove in seven days. Gun dealers are allowed to release if no determination has been made in that time but the MSP has put pressure on gun dealers not to release. In other words, to violate the law.

O’Malley sees the increase as a fear. He is surprised and disappointed that so many people have purchased firearms ahead of his Communist type ban. People have a right to fear government that violates the Constitution and they are justified in fearing any government attempt to disarm them.

A disarmed population is not a free population it is enslaved. There never would have been slavery in this nation if those who were enslaved had been armed.

When the only people with the guns are the government and the criminals then we live in a tyranny and Martin O’Malley is a tyrant. He is a tyrant that was aided by his sock puppets in the legislature, some of whom have guns and carry permits.

O’Malley does not like guns except for the ones carried by the six police officers who are protecting him at any given time and the politically connected who get a permit.

You see, he is more important than the people who pay his salary. It is good to be the king.

The schemes enacted by the liberals in this state are designed to keep people from buying guns. They are expensive, burdensome and unconstitutional.

O’Malley can be disappointed all he wants. Real citizens are disappointed in his tyrannical power grab and violation of the Constitution. He is an embarrassment and he should never, ever, be considered to lead this nation.

O’Malley is an abortion supporter and the Supreme Court has decided that an abortion is the right of every woman.

Would O’Malley ever consider legislation that required women to provide a good and substantial reason to get an abortion, to pay for fingerprints and a background check to see if they can get one and then make them sit through training to learn about the ramifications of their decision?

We know the answer to that.

And abortion murders more Maryland children each year than all gun related murders (that are committed by people who will not be stopped by the new laws).

Martin O’Moron is a disgrace and should be put in prison for violating his oath and usurping the Constitution.

And so should any politician who voted for the mess.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Maryland Governor Is An Out Of Touch Tyrant”

  1. Ookie says:

    Very well written.

    F the Teflon Leprechaun.

    One suggestion. Consider not using the phrase “gun violence.” As you know, guns are inanimate objects are are not capable of violence.

    As Dan Bongino once very capably said, “if you let the other side own the language, they own the argument.”

    While this may seem like a semantic point, he’s fully correct on this issue.

    “Gun violence” is a term created by the far left to imply that the guns are the cause of the violence (also implying that the violence will stop if guns are eliminated).

    Be repeating it, you are doing these people a favor. Again, if they own the language, they own the argument.

    Once again, great piece. Right on the money with regard to OWE Malley. Just consider not letting the other side own the language.

    • Big Dog says:

      Great point! Thanks for pointing it out. I had forgotten that liberals lack critical thinking to know gun violence means guns used by violent people. I will make sure I do it better next time!