Maryland Governor Insults His Citizens

Anyone who has lived under the tyranny of Martin O’Malley knows his mere presence is an insult to Maryland citizens but he took things to a new low in an attack on the conservatives in the western part of the state.

O’Malley (or O’Moron as I like to call him) is a big supporter of illegal aliens. He likes them coming here and he is more than happy to ignore the law and violate his oath to get them here. He even calls them new Americans even though they are nothing of the sort.

Oh, and O’Moron wants to be the next president.

The federal government has allowed an invasion to take place on our southern border and is moving diseased people all over the nation. Democrats need to get these new Democrat voters spread out so when some sort of illegally granted amnesty or asylum takes place these folks can help get more Democrats elected.

The Obama regime was looking at an empty Reserve Center in Western Maryland as a site to house these folks. There was talk of putting them in Baltimore but that broke down. Congressman Andy Harris and local politicians in Western Maryland caught wind of the attempt to sneak illegals in and put an end to it.

O’Moron, who first expressed how we could not send these illegals back to certain death told the White House not to send these people to Western Maryland. It is not that O’moron does not want them in the state because he is certainly illegal alien friendly and his squinty little eyes look like dollar signs as he thinks of all the federal money that housing these illegals will bring.

No, he said that Western Maryland is a conservative part of the state and that it would not be an inviting (read safe) place.

While it is true they would not be welcomed there (the conservative part of the state is also law abiding so it would not want law breakers there) it is not a violent part of the state. Conservatives do not go around hurting people for the hell of it but O’Moron had to paint a picture of violent conservatives.

The reality is the people there would protest and make noise about this and call attention to the state and the illegals. This would not look good for O’Moron as he plots his path to the White House. How on Earth can this guy lead if his own people are protesting his actions? No, he wants them moved where they might be more accepted and he can avoid any embarrassment.

If he is worried about their safety then Baltimore is definitely out. In fact, most liberal parts of the state are out because they are dangerous. Remember, all the ghettos and dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats. Maryland is no different.

O’Moron insulted a large number of people living in Western Maryland and painted an unflattering picture of them.

I submit that the illegals who are coming here are dangerous and the people of Western Maryland would not be safe. These illegals are infiltrated with dangerous gang members who are recruiting from among their fellow illegals and many are carrying diseases that can cause a lot of people to get ill.

The people of Western Maryland are the ones who would be at risk not the O’Moron future voters in the illegal alien population.

Martin O’Malley is a liar (check into his bar application) and an anti Constitutional moron who infringes on the rights of the people. He is a violator of his oath and instead of a term in office as president he should get a term in a federal penitentiary.

Twenty-five years to life sounds reasonable.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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