Maryland Governor and the Old Boy Network

Martin O’Malley is a real piece of work. Last year when there was a “crisis” because electricity rates were going to increase about 70% he went on his “I have to help the poor people” crusade and he, along with the Democrats in Annapolis, were able to delay any increases until after the November election. They got a modest 15% and people were happy because most of them are ignorant and that is a blissful state. These folks have been underpaying for electricity for years under a deal that O’Malley’s brother in law helped broker when he was on the Public Service Commission (PSC). Former Governor Bob Ehrlich had worked out a package that would have the increase take place but would have offered many plans so people had options. Under the Democratic plan everyone had to accept the deal. Those who had the means were not allowed to just pay for the increase because Marty and his idiots in Annapolis know better than you, how your money should be spent.

All during the campaign O’Malley said he would fire the PSC if he was elected. He said that the members of that time were to beholden to business and that Ehrlich was looking out for the interests of business and not the poor people (it is always about the poor from Saint Martin). O’Malley has been in office for about a month and he is already spending like a drunken Kennedy (which is redundant). Before he took the state oath he raised the City State’s Attorney salary to over 200k a year. Now he has appointed members to the PSC and he wants to raise their salaries as well. The new chairman WHO HAS NO EXPERIENCE WITH ELECTRICAL UTILITIES will receive 185k a year and O’Malley also wants to raise the salary of the other four members from 99k to around 160k a year. Marty says he needs to attract quality. Well, if quality is someone who has never worked in this kind of job before then we are in for a rough ride.

I think I know what this is all about. This is Saint Martin trying to get a pay raise. He will make 155k a year for his job as the head of the state. Now he can whine (and whine is all he does) that the City State’s Attorney makes more than he does and that the Chair of the PSC and its members make more and that he needs a pay raise. All this money will come from the taxpayer and will increase a deficit that has been growing because of Democratic unfunded mandates. But Marty will fix this.

He is a Democrat so he will raise taxes. The state tax on gas will increase. There will be an increase in property taxes so those of us who own property and pay for it (unlike the governor) will have to foot the bills. We will also see a graduated income tax where households that make more than 100k a year will pay a higher tax rate than households under that number. We so called rich people will be paying for the stupidity of the Maryland legislature and its desire to pay for everything in the world for those “poor” folk.

And no matter what, that Electric rate hike is going to hit everyone who Marty says he saved prior to the election. In June, the rate will go up about 50% (add that to the 15% already in place and you are right where we were prior to the election). The only real difference is that prior to November this was an electricity rate crisis (because politicians could be held accountable for bringing this on) and now it is an electricity rate event and that is because they have all been reelected and Saint Martin took over the state. They do not care now if poor people get screwed because they are in office and they do not have to worry about lying and pandering again for another 4 years. By then they will have screwed so much up that it will not matter.

And the sad part is the IDIOTS in Maryland will continue to elect these crooked politicians who get wealthy while pilfering from the “rich” and spending on the “poor.” The uneducated electorate in the City and the largest Counties in the DC suburbs of Maryland continually elect Democrats to office and allow this state to be dragged further into the abyss. They vote with their hands out trying to figure what they can get next because, after all, they are entitled.

It will be interesting here for the next four years but no matter how hard people get screwed they will reelect most of these criminals. I will be forced to pay more income taxes to subsidize the idiot electorate who like being led around like sheep. I can only hope that the electrical rates go sky high and the idiots who voted for Saint Martin have to pay through the nose for their mistake. My electric company had rate increases all along and is not regulated by the Saint’s PSC. Guess that is one break I will get.

Good luck sheeple, take care going out to slaughter….

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  1. Virginia says:

    Wow!! great article. I do not live in that state, thank God. Keep up the good work Bigdog.