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The Maryland GOP sent me an email with the news of the week. As anyone who reads anything but the Baltimore Sun knows, the LT Governor of our state, Michael Steele, was the victim of an illegal identity theft by some of Chuck Schumer’s people. I know there are people who will say Schumer had nothing to do with it. I say leaders are responsible for the actions of their people. Well, true leaders are responsible for the actions of their people and take responsibility when those people do something wrong. You can bet if these two idiots had found a cure for AIDS Schumer would have been there to get some of the credit. Here is what the MD GOP had to say:

In case you’ve missed it, this week brought a flurry of shame to the Democratic Party. News reports detailed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s apparent illegal use of Lt. Governor Michael Steele’s Social Security number to fraudulently obtain Steele’s credit report and their destruction of evidence. You may have missed the coverage in the Baltimore Sun, since it was buried in Wednesday’s Metro briefs, but the national newspapers took care of the Sun’s oversight. Two senior staffers at the DSCC resigned in July after it was revealed that they have apparently committed a federal crime in their dirty political opposition research quests. The “researchers — who were identified in [a Washington] Post article as Katie Barge and Lauren Weiner — have resigned. Sources said, however, that they were initially suspended with pay while the committee conducted an internal review before resigning earlier this month, and campaign finance records show that Barge and Weiner were paid through the end of August.” (Josh Kurtz, “Data Case Rankles,” Roll Call, September 22, 2005). The Democratic Party of Maryland has gone into spin mode in trying to excuse the criminal acts. According to the Washington Post, “Derek Walker, a spokesman for the Maryland Democratic Party, said the episode had nothing to do with the party’s view of a Steele candidacy. ‘This is a one-time stupid mistake by a couple of young people who were willing to take responsibility immediately,’ Walker said. ‘That’s what this is about.’” (John Wagner, Democrats’ Scrutiny of Steele Assailed, September 22, 2005) The Sun refused to cite that the culprit was the DSCC’s Research Director. Why, as it seems like an important piece of information for the public to know? And Mr. Walker would have us believe it was a sophomoric mistake, despite the fact that it was a senior staffer at the DSCC who formerly worked for a liberal media research group. Check out other media outlets’ coverage to see the full story.

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Interestingly, Chuckie Schumer has an article on his web site telling everyone that something has to be done about identity theft! His words, “CONGRESS MUST ACT SOON TO BOLSTER PRIVACY PROTECTIONS.” The people can act soon by putting people like Schumer out on the street.

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