Maryland Gambling With Our Money

The People’s Republik of Maryland has slot machine gambling authorized in five locations and running at three of those. The state is well behind where it would have been but Democrats played games and now the entire web of obstruction is crumbling around them. So those very Democrats, led by Governor Martin O’Moron, called a special session of the legislature to discuss adding another gambling venue.

A brief history goes like this. Robert Ehrlich was elected governor in 2002 (taking office in 2003) and he worked on getting slots gambling in the state. The Democrats opposed this. Many, including then Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Moron, claimed that gambling was not a responsible way to raise revenue or meet budget needs. They said this knowing full well that the state runs a lottery with countless games designed to bring big money into the coffers.

In any event, Democrats opposed Ehrlich at every turn and gambling did not come to Maryland. He was defeated in 2006 by the aforementioned O’Moron who promptly worked with Democrats to get slots machines in the state. Suddenly, those Democrats who were opposed to gambling as a means to raise revenue were all for the idea because a Democrat wanted it. As an aside, Peter Franchot is the only politician I am aware of who has opposed gaming since the very beginning.

The Democrats had a problem. How on Earth could they convince voters that they did not block progress for four years simply because the Governor was a Republican. To do so would mean they put their political games ahead of the state and its people (they always do but want people to think otherwise). They decided that instead of passing legislation authorizing gaming they would put the matter on the 2008 ballot via referendum. This would allow the people of the state to decide and would take politicians off the hook for the decision that was reached. The referendum was very specific as to where the venues could be placed and how many slots machines would be authorized. The only thing allowed was slots machines. No table games were considered.

The problem with this approach is that the matter, if it passed, would become part of the state Constitution and any changes would have to go through the referendum process. I knew it was moronic to do this (gambling does not belong in the Constitution) and voted against the measure. In reality, I would have voted against it anyway because of the way Democrats played games with Ehrlich.

The measure passed and casinos started being built. They were doing fairly well (but are now not producing as expected) and now the state wants another one. It also wants to consider table games. This was not addressed in the regular session as it should have been so the Governor called for a special session to address this. This violates the reason for special sessions but the rules have never stopped Democrats. This process is going on because the next election is this November and if they do not get the issue on the ballot then they will have to wait two years to get it done. See how stupid it was to do it this way?

There is no urgency for another casino. After strong starts, two of the three already running are not doing as well as they were expected to and an additional one would likely siphon money from the others. Keep in mind, there are still two that need to be built.

There are also shenanigans going on (say it isn’t so). The Democrats are having closed meetings to decide how to handle things. The casino folks want better tax rates and a better deal than the other casinos got. This would certainly cause the other casinos to want a new deal. The Democrats are working on back room deals to leave the tax issue off the table and to get the additional casino on the ballot. They will address the tax issue after the next election (during the next regular session of the legislature).

This is just plain wrong. The Democrats in Maryland led by their inept Governor have increased the taxes on the hard working citizens of this state a number of times. The sales tax, the income tax, taxes on services, taxes on practically everything including the air we breathe have been raised over the last six years to feed their hunger for our money.

Now, after screwing the taxpayers with ever increasing tax hikes the Democrats want to cut a special tax deal with the people who want to run the new casino. The mega wealthy folks in the gaming industry will be given what amounts to a tax cut while the people who live in this state have their taxes increased.

How does that strike you? If you live in Maryland it will likely not surprise you (OK, the leeches who live off government handouts might not know nor would they likely care) because the Democrats screw us all the time.

You know it is underhanded because they are deliberately hiding it until after the election. They know that voters would likely reject any referendum that gave tax breaks to the casinos at a time when their taxes have been raised (and more than once). So the cretins on the left will play nice and try to get it passed. If voters approve it then they will get out the Vaseline and bend us all over.

I recommend that the legislature reject this plan and keep it off the ballot. Since that is not likely to happen (Democrats need their palms greased) I implore all Maryland voters to reject this referendum at the ballot box.

Say no to tax breaks for casino operators.

A word of caution on the referendum. Know what you are voting for. Those weasels have a way of wording it so when you think you are voting no you are really voting yes.

Say no to being raped by the Democrats of Maryland and their sugar daddies in the gaming industry.

Say no to slots gaming expansion in Maryland.

[Disclosure: I have never (nor will I ever) gambled in a casino in Maryland. I take my business to Delaware]

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Maryland Gambling With Our Money”

  1. Real Deal says:

    I’d also like to point out that pro-slot Republicans suddenly became anti-slot once Owe’Malley was elected. Both sides played that game and that really annoyed me. I voted against slots, I’ll vote against the new casino, and I wont spend a dime of my money at the casinos. THat’s what Vegas and Atlantic city are for.

    I also find it ironic that scumbag O’Malley raised the taxes on the “vices” of smoking and alcohol yet introduced the new vice of gambling to the state. They tell us “Don’t do these things” unless of course they can pull in scads of money off them to line their pockets, the pockets of their cronies, and a little bit to keep their powerbase on the plantation with handouts.

    • Big Dog says:

      Did they suddenly become anti slot because they were trying to thwart O’Malley, they were trying to make Democrats stand by their earlier assertions or because they did not want it to go via referendum?