Maryland Democrats Impose $260 Million Tax Hike

I wanted to make it clear with the title that it was Maryland DEMOCRATS who raised taxes. Maryland is a one party rule, liberal state and Republicans have no control over the legislative process. Republicans did NOT vote for the tax hike, only the DEMOCRATS did.

Maryland Democrats voted to lower deductions and raise the tax rate for higher income earners in order to fund out of control spending and cover malfeasance that has become the standard in the state.

Taxes were raised in a special session that was called by Governor Martin O’Malley because his Democrats failed to screw taxpayers during the regular session. O’Malley called a special session a few years ago in order to raise a plethora of taxes that he claimed were needed to fix the budget.

Those tax increases did not pan out as fewer wage earners paid more in taxes and shoppers found ways to avoid the sales tax. In essence, raising taxes failed to solve the problem.

So, in a true demonstration of insanity, the Democrats held another O’Malley special session and raised income taxes on single earners making more than 100k a year and couples earning over 150k a year. Martin is using the Democrat playbook of taxing the “wealthy” in order to redistribute that wealth to the poor. The money will be used to pay for more social programs and for illegal aliens who find Maryland to be an illegal alien friendly state.

I call the governor Martin O’Moron because he is an absolute moron. His Democrats failed to raise taxes and the result was that cuts would automatically take place to the tune of millions of dollars.

Ever the liberal moron, O’Malley could not let this happen because he would not have the money needed to pay off his friends in the unions and the poor who suckle at the teat of government enslaved to an ideology that holds little regard for people except for the value of their vote. Keep voting Democrat and they throw out some scraps.

The problem is that those who work and pay taxes will have to keep paying for the scraps.

O’Malley is working on his national creds because he wants to be the president some day. He is not content bending taxpayers over and taking advantage of them at the state level so he needs to move to the national level where he can stroke his enormous ego at the expense of the nation.

There is no reason to increase taxes in Maryland. It has plenty of wealth because of its proximity to DC and it has a tax base that pays quite a bit. The problem is that the Legislature (read the DEMOCRATS) uses the money for things other than the intended purpose. They raped the transportation fund of millions of dollars for other pet projects or to cover budget shortfalls and now they are looking at increasing other taxes to make up the money they misappropriated.

Many higher wage earners who are fortunate have been able to leave the state and many more will follow because it is unfriendly to those who work and pay taxes.

I know a number of people in the state will ignore this and rationalize that it does not affect them because they don’t make “that kind of money” but it will affect them. Teacher’s pensions were pushed to the local level and that will require tax increases locally (or better yet, budget cuts) to pay for that move. People who own businesses and hire will do less because of their tax burden.

I recommend people shop online, shop in Delaware and Virginia and restructure their income so more of it is not taxable.

The only way to beat the beast is to starve the beast.

O’Malley has his jackbooted foot on our throats and he will continue to crush the life out of us until we fight back and remove the morons from office. It is time for all of us to remove these people from office and put in place those who will work for us as representatives of us. It is time we in Maryland had the Republican form of government guaranteed to us by the US Constitution.

It starts by removing those who are serving themselves and special interests and replacing them with true representatives of the people.

We fought a Revolution over less than this and our Founders would have been shooting by now. We need a peaceful revolution at the ballot box and it is time those enslaved to government realize that very soon the money spigot will be turned off as wage earners move out.

It is also time for the politicians to realize that they are now enemies of the state and are harming the people they are supposed to be working for.

The only special session I want to see from now on is the one that brings those who have done this to us together so they can face charges for their malfeasance.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Maryland Democrats Impose $260 Million Tax Hike”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    When you shop on line as I have been doing lately and you order anything from a store in Maryland, they now charge you sales tax. The out-of-state businesses haven’t as of yet. I think O’Malley must consider himself O’bama’s twin as he thinks and acts just like him. I’m sending the parts of my medical care bills that I can’t afford to pay to him to pay the bills as he made the contract with the secondary insurances to only pay 10% of the allowed amount that Medicare doesn’t pay and we have to pay the rest. That includes your doctor visits, tests, and God forbid any surgeries. Most seniors don’t have this kind of money. It especially angers me since the Democrats do nothing but take our money and spend, spend, spend. When will people wise up and get them out of office instead of just following along party lines?