Maryland Democrats Are Pathetic

The state of Maryland is heavily Democratic and the legislature reflects that advantage. Despite this advantage, the Democrats in Annapolis (the State Capitol) have passed various items that give them a veto proof majority and make it difficult for the Republican Governor to get anything done.

Unfortunately, the politicians in Annapolis are terrible at what they do. In 1999, after receiving a lot of money from energy entities, they passed a bill deregulating the electric company. The bill held prices at 1993 levels until July of 2006. This agreement included the ability of the electric company to set at market rates when the time had passed. Since 1999 the cost of energy has risen meaning people would be socked with a 72% rate increase. The legislature addressed this but was unable to come up with anything. At the same time, they neglected to act on a bill that would increase the penalties on convicted child sex offenders. It seems like a simple task, but they were unable to accomplish it.

Governor Ehrlich then worked a deal that would soften the blow of the 72% increase but the moonbats were not happy so there was a special session (called by the Governor) to resolve the issue. The Democrats came up with a terrible plan that does not allow people to opt out and just pay the entire increase up front. Instead, they are saddled with a carrying charge for 10 years and will eventually pay the entire 72%. What they did not address was what will happen if rates increase again during that time. The rate payer will really get socked paying for the new increase and for what was deferred. This bill of course, was designed to push the problem past November so it will be out of sight until after the election. Good luck guys, Marylanders are not happy.

During the special session they also, finally, passed the sex offender bill. They were unable to get it done earlier and they heard the citizens complaints so they added that to the agenda to make it look like they had done something. Now, there is a commercial featuring the First Lady of Maryland, Kendel Ehrlich, which informs citizens that they are now able to sign up to receive either a phone call or an email if a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhoods (which I think is a great idea). The commercial has upset Democrats who say the Governor is using federal crime money to run political ads. Perhaps if these ineffective pandering twits had passed legislation earlier the commercial could have come out sooner. After all, they used the special session to make themselves look good for the citizens so how dare they cry foul when the other side makes itself look good? One also has to wonder why they took so long to pass a sex offender bill and complain about a commercial notifying residents about sex offenders. Could they be worried about the offender more than the people who are supposed to be protected from them?

The Democrats in Annapolis took it upon themselves to decide for consumers how to handle their finances. It does not matter if they can afford the increase or not, the legislature has opted everyone of them into a plan that some prefer not to be in. The Democrats in Annapolis have shown what all the Democrats in this country think and that is we are not smart enough to make our own decisions and that they know what is best for us. This is no different than a person having enough money to pay cash for a new car but being told by the government that the car has to be financed for 5 years. We do not need the people who caused this mess trying to fix it. Their narrow minded politics coupled with the cash they received blinded their judgement and now the desire to get reelected is doing the same.

I think the people of Maryland should show the people in Annapolis that they are still able to make their own decisions and decide to vote every one of them out of office. They took away your choice with their bill so use the only choice you have and get rid of them.

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In the fairness of disclosure, I do not live in an area affected by the increase. I live in an area where the utility company was not affected by corrupt politicians so my bill has increased gradually and has had less of an impact.

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