Maryland Continues Pork Futures

The Democratic governor of the state of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, called for a special legislative session last fall to address a budget shortfall in the state. The shortfall was the result of decades of Democratic rule and out of control spending. O’Malley and the legislature tried to put the blame on former governor Robert Ehrlich but it is the hugely Democratic majority in the legislature with its veto proof numbers that passed the bills that spent the money.

During that special session the legislature raised taxes on more items and to higher rates more than any other state in the history of the union. The elected leaders of the state assured us that this was necessary to bring our fiscal house in order. They told us horror stories about unfunded mandates and irresponsibility (by the Democrats, of course) and they told us this was the only way. They failed to make meaningful cuts and they placed a lot of their projections on a slot machine referendum that has yet to go to the voters and that might not pass.

The legislature went into regular session at the beginning of this year and one would surmise that with such dire straights ahead they would be looking for ways to tighten their belts. One would assume that after a huge tax increase they would work to ensure fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, these people are Democrats and they lack fiscal responsibility. In addition to increasing the budget and failing to reduce spending, members of the legislature added millions of dollars of pork to the budget. They added items that are not for the common good of the citizens. They added items that benefit certain small groups at the expense of the taxpayers who are already paying way too much money.

It is the height of arrogance for these politicians to take more and more money from us under the guise of dire economic circumstances and then spend millions of dollars irresponsibly and with little regard for the people who have to pay the bills.

The Democrats in the state of Maryland are greedy, irresponsible, tax and spend morons and it is time for all of them to go. The state elections are not until 2010 but it is up to the citizens to focus on the misdeeds of the idiot governor and his moron minions in the legislature. It is up to us to ensure these people are booted from office. It is time for us to remind them that they work for us by firing them. They need to be punished for their malfeasance.

The exodus of taxpayers began last fall when they raised taxes and it continues. The result will be an even greater majority of Democrats and that will ensure even greater fiscal irresponsibility. States and cities run by Democrats always fall victim to these failed policies. Their lust for power combined with their greed always spells disaster for the citizens who are always the victims of the crimes.

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