Maryland Blacks, Quit Crying You Had Your Chance

For years the blacks in Maryland have been subservient to the Democratic party. When the Democrats said jump the blacks said how high on the way up. For those very years blacks were promised that they would get something better in exchange for their support. Yet, year after year the blacks were largely ignored by the Democrats, except of course for the obligatory handouts of other people’s money. Under the rule of Democrats, Baltimore City became a killing field and drugs run rampant and more blacks died.

Through all of this Republicans were steadfast in their support of people by giving them opportunities while trying to earn their trust. Unfortunately, the blacks have been conditioned to hate Republicans as racists who don’t care of them ignoring, of course, that Republicans freed the blacks from slavery. Robert Ehrlich selected a true black man (as opposed to the faux black O’Malley selected) and Michael Steele performed admirably. He set an example that young blacks could emulate. But blacks were too stupid to see this.

Michael Steele had an opportunity to become the first black Senator from the state of Maryland and he is a Republican of all things. The Democrats did not have a black candidate after all the years of promises. They put a bunch of wealthy white guys on the ticket and pissed all over the blacks while ignoring those in their party who are black and more than qualified. Some may say that Anthony Brown, O’Malley’s running mate is black, but he is not. I think he is a mix of Puerto Rican and something else but it is not black. They used his darker skin as a ploy.

The blacks in this state had the chance to elect a fully competent black man to represent the state but they ignored this in order to elect a white bread career politician. I do not think that voting for someone because of color is the reason to vote but since he was perfectly qualified that should have been a bonus for a group of people who have been ignored by their party. Part of the problem is that black politicians, even those who were crapped on by the Democrats (Mfume, are you reading this) elected to support the Democrat instead of a highly qualified black despite how they were treated by their masters in the Democratic Party.

I want to make this clear right now so there will be no mistake. Every black in the state who voted against Michael Steele has lost any right to complain about how blacks are treated or that they do not get opportunities. You had your chance and you showed that you were either too stupid, too subservient, or too attached to the Democratic Plantation to realize that the Republican Party offered the best chance for independence. Enjoy it while you can, or as long as the bosses in the Democratic Party let you because day after tomorrow they are going to forget what they promised you.

Shame on you.

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