Maryland Wal Marts Under Liberal Attack

I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland. This state has been ruled by democrats for so long that everything is screwed up. Our republican governor, first one in a zillion years, is having a hell of a time because of the dems in the state senate. We have this problem here with malpractice. The insurance premiums are driving doctors out of the state or out of business. The senate passed a bill to tax HMOs and the Governor vetoed it. It was overridden. The Governor warned that the cost would be passed on to the consumer. Well, he was right. Now there is a backlash from the dem’s constituents and they don’t like it.
So what is the new idea? I heard on a local radio station that the mayor of Baltimore wants to have Wal Mart AND ONLY WAL MART pay extra taxes to fund the health care crisis. The food chain Giant is backing this idea. Of course, Wal Mart is one of Giant’s biggest competitors. Giant has a big union and they have negotiated a real nice health care package. So it is typical liberalism. Wal Mart makes the most money so let’s take it all from them. I say if you are going to take it from business you should take it from all the businesses. Though I don’t think you should take it from them at all.

Same old story, rob from the rich to give to the poor. I say if they pass this then all Maryland Wal Mart customers should stop shopping at any other store, especially Giant. Remember the lesson from this HMO tax fiasco, when ever they increase a company’s cost it gets passed to the consumer.

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