Mary Mapes Sticking To Lie

Mary Mapes, the shamed CBS producer who was forced to resign after the Dan Rather/forged documents story, is out defending what they did and telling us that it was genuine and no phony documents were used. I expect her to say this because she is hawking a book that deals with the entire mess.

The media are supposed to be impartial. They should report the facts and let us decide what they mean. Instead, the MSM continues to manipulate things and put a spin on it to tell you how you should feel and think. As anyone with a brain knows, the phony document story was designed to hurt Bush’s chances of reelection but the pajama jihadists in the blogosphere were on the case and exposed CBS, Mapes, and Rather for the phonies they are. When Mapes spoke to Rather about his reply was FTA (F*** Them All). This should show you how high a regard he has for the people in the world. Here is a statement by CBS about Mapes’ assertions:

In a statement released Monday, CBS News said: “Mary Mapes’ actions damaged CBS News as an organization and brought pain to many colleagues with whom she worked. As always, revisionist history must be tested against the facts.” It pointed to its independent panel’s 200-page report, adding: “We believe those facts speak for themselves.”

I think it is rather ironic that CBS thinks revisionist history must be tested against the facts except of course when it comes to the revisionist history being peddled by Bill and Hillary Clinton. They have been telling a different version of reality since they left the White House and CBS has been there every step of the way to help them. CBS would do well to read their own statement and then apply that thinking to the liberals they are supporting.

Read it at Editor and Publisher and Netscape News

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