Martin O’Malley; Obama Lite

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is a tax and spend liberal in the same mold as Barack Obama. O’Moron (as I not so affectionately call him), believes that the rich don’t pay enough and that the money people make belongs to him. Yes, like Obama, O’Moron thinks of taxpayers as ATMs that have unlimited supplies of money to dispense for harebrained, and often unconstitutional, schemes.

O’Moron has aspirations of becoming president one day. He would like to continue Obama’s destructive policies (as he has in Maryland) in order to completely destroy this great nation.

Mark Levin recently called out O’Moron. I must say, Levin was spot on in his analysis of O’Moron:

While O’Moron thinks rich people don’t pay enough in taxes the rich have a different opinion. They are leaving Maryland in droves and it would appear as if they are moving to places like Florida where there are no state income taxes.

Yes, the article claims that the opposition says there is a net wash on inflow* (probably illegals or low wage earners looking for gubmint handouts) and outflow and that other things influence these kinds of decisions (like weather) but the reality is rich people are moving out. Surely those other factors affect people who are not rich so why are they not as mobile? [* it is possible that many of the inflow are from the people who moved here because of BRAC]

Perhaps because far too many pay no income taxes and live off the largess of those who actually pay taxes (through confiscation and redistribution by the government). O’Moron has certainly created an environment where those who do not pay taxes are comfortable living off those who do. He has further created an environment where people who have money do not want to stick around.

O’Moron has enacted tax after tax after tax so much so that the Welcome to Maryland signs are snidely referred to as having the tagline; “What’s in your wallet?”

This man is not a leader (and it is a stretch to call him a man) and he does not deserve to be in a position to take decisions that affect the lives of others. He could not lead a group of people out of a burning building so he should not be in charge of anything.

The people of Maryland have the government they deserve because far too many people in this state continue to vote for the same politicians each and every election. The state is a mini Communist regime with big brother dictating every aspect of our lives and taking money from the producers in order to pay for moronic programs.

It is probably too late for Maryland to address the situation because too many people here are on the liberal handout plantation and can’t leave their masters.

One can only hope that the country will be fed up enough after Obama that O’Moron NEVER gets the chance to lead the country.

One nanny state, liberal, Socialist, Commie, redistributionist, class warfare, sock puppet is bad enough.

We cannot afford to have another…

Interesting article:
Brad Pitt’s mother discovers liberal tolerance Ever notice the right never threatened her son for his liberal views?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Martin O’Malley; Obama Lite”

  1. Blake says:

    I would have to send him a box of fecal matter every day he is in office, if I lived there.