Martin O’Malley is a Pompous Ass

I have written several times about the huge tax increase that was just passed in the state of Maryland by the tax and spend Democrats who were led by the pompous ass himself, Martin O’Malley. It is common knowledge that these idiots did this now so that we would forget about it when the next election rolls around in three years. I also informed people that O’Malley has dreams of serving in a Democratic administration in DC so he really does not care how he screws us. O’Malley, who proved he cannot lead when he was Mayor of Baltimore, was interviewed after he signed the tax increases into law. Let us look at what this dimwit had to say:

“And I’m very, very proud of them,” says Governor O’Malley. “Also know, that this would not have had happened were it not for some really courageous leadership by President Miller and Speaker Mike Busch. Both of whom had to bend and had to yield and had come together in the center in order for us to forge this consensus.”

Governor O’Malley said, for the most part, the people of the state, on both sides of the issues during the special session, handled the public discussion in a civil way.

“Even among the Republican members of this body, there was an understanding that this was a deep and serious problem,” said O’Malley in his exclusive interview with WBAL. “There were very few of them once the debate arrived who were feeding any longer that myth that this could all be accomplished by cuts alone.”

And what would he say to the strongest critics of his tax increases?

“I would say that I have yet to meet any citizen of our state, Democrat, Republican or Independent who wants to pay more in taxes,” said O’Malley. “However, none of us want to leave our state to our kids in a weaker condition than we received it ourselves.” WBAL Radio

So O’Malley thinks there was a consensus? All the Democrats voted for the tax increases and all the Republicans voted against it. The fact is, Maryland has a super majority of Democrats so they win the vote in the legislature. Regardless, this is in no way a consensus. Of course to a Democrat it is consensus because as long as people are forced to do things their way it is consensus. I might expect this guy would not understand the definition of consensus because he believes a flat tax is unfair and raising the percentages on those making more money is. How anyone can believe the mindless tripe that spews out of his pie hole is beyond me.

He also discusses courageous leadership. These two guys, miller and Busch counted heads and then let those Democrats in vulnerable seats vote against it so long as they still had the votes to pass it. Additionally, these cowards kicked the can down the road with regard to the slots issue. Instead of having the courage to pass slots NOW they decided it would go to referendum and be on the 2008 ballot. This means that it will be six years after the last governor first proposed slots before it is even voted upon. If these cowards that O’Malley thinks are courageous would have voted for slots in 2002 we would be well on our way to fiscal health. Instead, these whiny little school girls played games while Maryland got deeper in debt, a debt created because these jerks do not know how to control spending.

No Republican who left the special session has indicated that he had some epiphany and realized that this could not be accomplished by spending cuts alone. None of them voted for the tax increases and they continue to say that it could have been handled by controlling spending but Democrats do not know how to control spending. O’Malley is already starting the lies and the spinning so when the state goes in the dumper due to the inflation and high taxes he can blame it on someone else. This jackass is famous for crying and blaming everyone else. Any time you want to discuss your stupidity Marty, contact me and I will be glad to put you in your place and expose your stupidity. I will give you something to cry about.

Finally, O’Malley could not discuss screwing everyone without playing Democrat and telling us how this is for the children. O’Malley raised taxes, allowed the electric rates to increase after promising they would not and he has added even more spending to the budget in the form of free health care. He is screwing the children over because their parents will not have enough money to feed them. This little loser twerp is trying to justify the biggest tax increase in the state’s history by saying it is for the kids.

I have an idea Marty. If you want to leave this state in better shape than you found it, replace all the Democrats in office with Republicans.

Folks, don’t let this lying little piece of maggot feces pull the wool over your eyes. He intended to raise taxes and would have done so if we had billions of dollars of extra money floating around. This twerp is no leader. he could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

Screw you O’Malley and all the Democrats who voted for this ignorance.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Martin O’Malley is a Pompous Ass”

  1. single dad says:

    Just to let you know what else the pompuss ass has been up to He signed a bill 1427 which allowed DHR to subtract $25 out of child support received. How low can a person be to take money away from the kids?? The bill is unconstitutional due to the court orders that this bill amends and changes. I am court ordered to receive a certain amount of money every month and only the Judge that signed that order can change that. This is a clear violation of the seperation of powers. The department of human resourses in Maryland is breeching the contracts to all who signed up for enforcement before this took effect. The contract that we signed states that it is a one time $25 doller application fee to receive thier service. They took the money without giving the parents a chance to opt out of thier service. Then took the money right out of our direct deposit which caused me personally to bounce many items in my checking account I am going to be interveiwed by channel 45 on friday Due to the financial damage this has caused to my finances Christmas has been cancelled at my house this year thanks to the pompass ass Omalley

  2. CE says:

    Actually we did have Billions lying around. Ehrlich gave O’malley a 2.4 million surplus.

  3. CE says:

    i meant 2.4 billion