Maryland’s Governor Is Doing Something Right

The governor of the State of Maryland is Robert Ehrlich. He used to be our Congressional representative but decided to run against Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and won becoming the first Republican Governor in Maryland in about 30 years. I have had the privilege of working with Ehrlich’s office when he was in Congress and with his wife when she was a State’s Attorney in Harford County. They are both pretty decent people. I have stated before that I have a few problems with some of the things he has done in this state but all in all he is doing a good job.

He must be doing something right because he has managed to tick off the local newspaper monopoly known as the Baltimore Sun. This paper is the media wing of the democratic party in this state. They almost always endorse a democrat and they would endorse a rattlesnake if it was a registered democrat rather than endorse Ehrlich. They absolutely hate this man. There are two reporters in particular who have written all kinds of things about Ehrlich that are not accurate. One of these idiots is Michael Olesker. He is as liberal as they come. He used to be on TV and would give his liberal points of view about various topics. They finally got rid of him. He writes columns for the Sun and he is not an objective reporter. He is an idiot with an agenda.

Tired of the inaccuracies, Governor Ehrlich gave an order banning state employees from speaking to Olesker and the other reporter. The Sun was up in arms and cited the 1st Amendment. The Sun needs to know, so I will tell them, that there is a freedom of the press to report what they want. The freedom does not mean you are granted free access to whomever you want. The governor allows other reporters access, just not the two who he says are inaccurate. They believe they should have special access and they believe the Constitution gives them that access. Basically, Ehrlich told them they were full of it and gave them the smack down. So they did what all liberals do when smacked down. First they whined and wrote a bunch of stories about it. Then they sued.

Well here is what the ruling was:

A U.S. District Court Judge ruled in February that reporters have no constitutional right to have government officials talk to them, and that The Sun was “seeking special access beyond what is granted to the general public.”

See that. Reporters have no right for government officials to talk to them. See, these two guys think they are the press. Ehrlich talks to the paper and other media he just does not give special access to the two hacks that suck at their jobs. Now the Washington Post, The New York Times, and CNN are coming down on the side of the media. Who would have thought that these ultra liberal organizations that think there is some requirement for separation of Church and State would know that the 1st Amendment does not give them special access. Here is how they fit in:

But, in an amicus brief supporting an appeal by The Sun, the coalition of news outlets accuses Ehrlich of “seek[ing] to coerce journalists into providing coverage that is pleasing to him,” adding, “This kind of official control of the press … is alien to nations founded on principles of free speech and free press. It is abhorrent to our Constitution.”

You see, they are lying again. Ehrlich is not trying to coerce these idiots into writing what he wants. He is not giving them special access. In addition, this is not official control of the press. Control of the press is reserved for the democratic party. Once again I must tell these idiots that the Constitution gives them the freedom to report what they want not the freedom to talk to whom they decide if that person does not want to be spoken to. There is no special access for the press. We also have freedom of speech and part of that is the freedom NOT to speak. And I will point out to the major democratic news outlets that this is not abhorrent to the Constitution. Read the thing and then have someone explain it to you. Maybe one day you people will realize you can not hide under the cloak of freedom of the press in order to push your agendas.

I think Bobby Ehrlich must be doing something right because he has ticked off the liberal media. Mark my words, The Sun will endorse the democratic candidate in the 2006 Governor’s race here in Maryland. They will if they are still in business. Their circulation is dropping rapidly and I hope to hear funeral dirges before long. It will be a toss up as to who goes belly up first. The Sun or Delta airlines.

Read the story at Fox
Bid Dog Salute to Surfside for pointing out the story.

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  1. Surfside says:

    Actually, the Baltimore Sun has probably already written the endorsment with an “insert name” edit mark.