Marines Treated Worse Than Terrorists

Michelle Malkin has a great piece about eight Marines who are being held in solitary confinement and who have leg and wrist shackles on. They have not been charged with anything but are being held while the military investigates claims that they killed an Iraqi civilian. This alleged killing was learned about after an Iraqi came forward looking for financial compensation for the death. Like Katrina affected Americans, these Iraqis turn to the US for money regardless of whether they are actually entitled. Here are a few paragraphs from Malkin’s piece:

Not a peep heard yet from the American Civil Liberties Union. The website of the self-anointed crusaders for individual rights contains hundreds of articles on the rights of al Qaeda suspects and an indignant press release on the suicides of Guantanamo Bay detainees. But no mention of the Camp Pendleton Eight. For their part, human rights groups were too busy shedding tears for the Gitmo terrorist suicide squad and lionizing them as “heroes” in the words of William Goodman of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Editorial cartoonists have been preoccupied desecrating the Marine Corps logo and tarring troops as baby-killers
Innocent until proven guilty? Justice for all? Benefit of the doubt? These are apparently foreign concepts when it comes to Americans in uniform being held on American soil. Perhaps if our troops proclaimed themselves “conscientious objectors” and converted to Islam, they might start getting some sympathy.

Michelle nailed this one. Our troops are treated worse than the animals who are out to kill us. I wonder why the left is not jumping up and down demanding that they be charged or released. If these guys are cleared they need to make a public case out of it and ensure that everyone, from their accuser up to the top brass, receives the focus of public wrath over their treatment.

I believe that the unfair treatment of our men and women in uniform is a concerted effort by the media and the liberals to scare young people out of joining the service. Led by big mouth Murtha, these entities are lashing out at our military in hopes that the youth of today will decide it is not worth it. The blame America first crowd is out to ensure we lose this war. We need to get rid of them NOW.

Source: Real Clear Politics

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One Response to “Marines Treated Worse Than Terrorists”

  1. Jo says:

    My heart aches for these guys and their families.